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10 Tips for Throwing an Awesome Summer Party!


Oh summer, how we love thee. Your glorious warm weather and family vacations are welcomed with open arms every year, but what we love most is how you bring all of our loved ones together for fabulous celebrations! If you’re getting ready to plan your next backyard bash, we have 10 party tips to help make it one to remember.



Backyard Zones. There’s nothing worse than being at a party and not knowing where anything is, which is why creating different zones can make your guests feel more at home! At your next party, try adding designated spots for trash and hand-washing. Example


Campfire Cones. What’s better than having a s’more cooked over a bonfire? How about having it made ice cream style?! This recipe is sure to be a big hit at your next party. Example


Place Drinks Away From Food. Sometimes your party guests won’t always know each other, so try placing your drinks away from the food to get people mingling. This will create a friendlier atmosphere and everyone will be able to enjoy each other’s company! Example


Limes & Cloves. Have the bugs been devouring all of your backyard goodies this summer? Try placing clove covered limes near your food to keep the pesky intruders away! Example


Movie Night Party. When the weather isn’t so great, a movie night is the perfect way to relax with your best buds. If you can recreate this awesome set-up, you’ll have people showing up every weekend! Example


Towel Basket. Throwing a pool a party this weekend? Make sure all of your guests are taken care of by leaving out towels for them to easily grab. Example


Lemonade Station. Lemonade is a definite staple for a summer party! Try creating a cute little area just for this tasty beverage at your next get-together. Example


S’more Station. When the Campfire Cones aren’t enough to satisfy your s’more cravings, have a station set up for all of the traditional fixins’! It’s fun, nifty, and downright delicious. Example


Inflatable Cooler. Here’s a cool trick to add a little flair to your next function! Take an inflatable kiddy pool and use it to keep beverages and cold food chilled. It will give your party some style and extra cool points for creativity. Example


DIY Mini Golf Course. Who doesn’t love an exciting round of mini golf with good friends? Bring the game to your own backyard by creating a course for your next party! Memories and laughter will ensue. Example


We hope these ideas will inspire and help you plan your next summer shindig!