The Importance Of Family Time

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

With school, homework loads, after-school sports, work schedules and the next holiday season approaching, spending quality family time together can be a challenge. Spending time together as a family has been shown to improve children’s self esteem, positive behaviors, and a self-identity in both young children and teens. But how can we create extra time in a day? Check out some of these easy activities, and pick one or two to fit into your weekly schedule.

Create Traditions

What sorts of activities bring your family together? Sunday brunches, Friday night charades, and outside Saturdays are great ways to come together when the family is off school and work!

Involve the Kids

Chores such as laundry or replacing the chain in the toilet probably don’t spring to mind when you’re planning family fun time, but kids enjoy exploring new tasks and “helping” with fix-it projects around the house. Turn chores into bonding time while teaching them valuable skills!

Take an Evening Walk

Healthy habits can be easily worked into any part of the day! After sitting down to dinner, consider taking a walk together around the block. Research has shown that a light, post-meal stroll yields healthy digestion and blood-sugar benefits. It’s also an opportunity to get away from screen devices!

Leave a Note for Them to Find

Rushing off to work before the kids are up is an all-too-true reality for many families. You can still connect through surprise notes or videos for them to find during their breakfast or even in their lunchbox at school. These fun surprises let them know you’re thinking of them.

Take Turns Picking the Fun

Whether you can gather daily, weekly, or even just monthly, go round the family and take turns deciding what that bonding time activity will be: a relaxing beach day, serene hike, exciting theme park visit, anything will do!

Keep In Touch with Extended Family

In many cases, cousins, grandparents, aunts, and uncles live out of state or country. Start a group email chat, FaceTime or simply pass on a newsletter to keep in contact and up to date on family happenings. Sending Grandma pictures of the kids’ first day at school is a sure way to bring her a smile from miles away!

Did we miss anything? Share with us your tactics for maintaining family time and togetherness! You can tag #WhitneyRanchCA in your Tweets and Instagram pics to show us how you do family time!


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