Sweet Diy Valentine Ideas

Monday, February 6th, 2017

Ah, February, we meet again. Nothing says “I love you” more than a DIY Valentine, and this year we found some great ideas that will leave your loved ones swooning. All you need is a little creativity, scissors, glue, and a few other crafting supplies. Ready to put your artsy skills to the test? Check out our ideas below:

Prescribed Treats. Do one of your loved ones need a little pick me up? Buy a weekly pill box and stick some goodies and cute messages inside. They’ll love that you took the time to help them feel a little less blue on Valentine’s Day. Directions

Personalized Oil Mason Jars. Photographs of you and your sweetie are always nice to have, especially when they’re presented in a thoughtful and creative way. Try sticking a black and white photo into a mason jar of your choosing, fill it with vegetable oil, and sprinkle some lavender inside for an extra lovely scent. Directions

Bird House Valentines Box. Are your kiddos gearing up for the big day? He or she will be the coolest kid in the classroom with this super adorable birdhouse box! All you need are two small cardboard boxes, some scissors, Modge Podge glue, hot glue, and Valentine decorations of your choosing. Directions

DIY Fabric Hearts
. We absolutely LOVE this idea, and we know you will too! Do you have a group of friends that you simply can’t live without, or daughters and nieces who bring you joy? These beautiful fabric hearts are a fun way to shower your favorite people with affection, and they’re even more fun to make! You’ll need fabrics of your choosing, a sewing machine, fiberfill, and lavender. Directions

Easy Whipped Sugar Scrub. It may look pink and dainty, but your girlfriends AND guyfriends will love this yummy sugar scrub. You’ll need: coconut oil, essential oils of your choosing, white granulated sugar, food coloring (optional), and a mixer. It’s fluffy, sweet, and makes your skin look luminous! Directions

Shaving Cream Hearts. Who doesn’t love playing with shaving cream?! Grab the rest of your shaving cream from the shower, then use pink and red paint, skewers, and scissors to create a gorgeous Valentine masterpiece! Directions

Candy Heart Valentine Bouquet. Your sweetie (or bestie) is obviously one of the most important people in your life, which is why this candy heart bouquet is the perfect way to show them some extra love this Valentine’s Day. Grab a vase of your choosing, place a beautiful bouquet of roses(small) in the center, and fill the rest with cute candy hearts. Directions

Sending cyber hugs your way for a Happy Valentine’s Day!


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