Simple Diy Family Halloween Costumes

Friday, October 21st, 2016

If you’re not counting down the days like we are, then we’re here to remind you that Halloween is only ONE WEEK AWAY! That’s right, it’s the one night of the year where every crevice and crack of your home is filled with delicious candies! If you’re starting to feel the pressure of finding that perfect group costume for your family, don’t hide under your bed and miss all of the festivities…we found some simple costumes you can easily throw together. Check them out below!

The Incredibles. You can’t go wrong with dressing like this super bunch! A quick trip to Walmart and you can get all of the following materials for extremely reasonable prices: long sleeved red shirts, red (or black) tights, black, yellow and white felt, a hot glue gun, and black masks. You and your heroic fam will look pretty incredible! Example

Disneyland Tourists. If you already have a lot of Mickey and Minnie gear, then you have the perfect costume! Cover yourself from to head-to-toe in Disney merch and you and your little ones can be the ultimate Disneyland tourists. Example

Monkey Business. This costume is not only easy to throw together, it’s clever too! Find your best business attire (hopefully there’s something in your closet!) and dress your little ones like mischievous monkeys. How cute is that? Example 

Where’s Waldo. This idea will work for any size family! You can easily make matching candy cane shirts using plain white T’s, masking tape, and red spray paint (you can also do the same to white knit beanies). Complete the costume with cheap glasses from the dollar store and pop out the lenses. You’ll be able to keep a close eye on your wandering Waldo’s with this bright uniformed look! Example

Monsters Inc.  If it’s the night before All Hallows Eve and you STILL don’t have something ready, this quick costume idea will keep your gray hairs at bay. With some plain green, blue, and pink t-shirts (and a little bit of added artwork for the full effect), you and your little monster can hit the streets dressed as Mike, Sully, and Boo! Example

Gardeners + Garlic. Don’t act like a lazy vegetable on Halloween this year. Throw on some gardening clothes, dress your little one like an adorable clove of garlic (use other veggies if you have a bushel of kiddos) and join the spooky fun. Example

Happy Halloween!


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