Romantic Ways to Make This Valentine’s the Best Ever

Monday, February 7th, 2022

Romantic Ways to Make This Valentine's The Best Ever!

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year. It’s the time to celebrate your significant other and the life you’ve built together. However, there are several circumstances that may prevent you from going out, from the ongoing pandemic to personal preferences. Luckily, Whitney Ranch in Rocklin, CA, and the city itself make it easy for you and your partner to come up with a night you will always remember!

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Relax at The Ranch House

What’s better than visiting one of the community’s favorite places, especially when there’s so much to do? Have yourself a mini vacation at the resort-style pool, then enjoy a glass of wine in one of the luxurious cabanas. After you’ve dried off, head to the lounge where you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a warm and inviting cabin. Here, you can enjoy dinner and revel in each other’s company. Be sure to check out if the event space has anything going on; you might be able to get some dancing in before the night is over! Check out the Ranch House and everything it has to offer here.

Picnic and Play at Willard Park

Why go to a restaurant when you can surprise your partner with a moonlit picnic? Prepare a scrumptious meal, lay a soft blanket for two, and take in the crisp night air. Willard is the newest park at Whitney Ranch, and it is probably the best for a date. Its wide green lawn is perfect for couples to relax and gaze up at the stars, or into each others’ eyes. For those who want to have a little fun, be sure to take advantage of the rubberized playground and swings.

Take a Walk to Remember

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Couples who enjoy the same activities are bound to stay together. Go on a less traditional date by walking a Whitney Ranch trail. Hold hands and have a conversation as you go past natural greenery and majestic trees. Consider having a little race in which the loser buys dinner! Finally, pause for a moment of gratitude as you consider how lucky you are to be with someone so wonderful.

Start a New Tradition

You don’t have to come up with a remarkably creative out-of-the-box date. You can do something traditional, like dinner and a movie at the Studio Movie Grill (SMG), which is less than a half hour from Whitney Ranch. Pick a film you both will enjoy, then treat yourself to the full restaurant feel with drinks, entrees, and desserts from SMG’s extensive menu.

Toast to Your Love

two people clinking mugs of beer labeled with “Suntory: The Premium Malts”

Dedicated to the evolution of beer, the Moksa Brewing Company in Rocklin features over 20 craft varieties, in a wide range of flavors. Beer-drinking couples can take their passion to the next level by trying some of the best brews—maybe even sipping them together—and engaging in beer culture with likeminded people. The Brewing Company also has occasional food trucks, so patrons can indulge in inventive pairings.

Order In

Sometimes the best date nights happen at home. To make sure you and your partner have a romantic and relaxing evening, let someone else do the work. Enjoy a warm and intimate candlelit meal—and all without the hassle of cooking or cleaning up—when you order takeout from one of Rocklin’s local restaurants. After all, Valentine’s Day is about being together, so don’t let anything interfere with your time together. End the night on a high note with some cuddling in front of a roaring fire.


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