Quick Ways To De Stress This Holiday Season

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016

The holidays are what we wait for every year…because who doesn’t love dressing up as Wonder Woman, diving into a delicious turkey, and waking up to presents under a beautiful Christmas tree? But, we all know the holidays can also cause massive amounts of STRESS. November 4th is National Stress Awareness Day, so we found some easy ways to help you stay calm and collected until New Years!

Go For a 10 Minute Walk. It might not sound very effective, but taking a stroll through a path of luscious trees and greenery can help put you in a state of meditation and boost your endorphins (which make you happy!). If the daily grind is getting you down, even a quick walk around your work building or through the parking lot will help give you a clear mind.

Visualize Your Happy Place. The National Health Organization claims that closing your eyes and visualizing yourself in a serene setting works wonders for all of those uneasy flutters. Find a quiet, people-free spot, and imagine yourself laying out by the beach, sipping out of a freshly fallen coconut.

Tune Out with Some Tunes. Enya, Sarah McLachlan…it doesn’t get much more relaxing than that! Take a few minutes to play some calming music when you feel your body start to feel tense, or whatever jams you love that put you in a good mood. It’s even been proven that making your own music, like humming, can reduce stress! 

Chew Gum. Has your work for the day gotten you into a tired slump? Try chewing some gum! This will make you more alert and help you stay focused on multiple tasks at once.

Relax Your Muscles. Has the long work week taken a toll on your body? Try this exercise: tighten your foot muscles. Relax. Tighten your leg muscles. Relax. Do this on repeat all the way up to your shoulders!

Unplug from Technology. No matter what job you have, you’re going to be working with some kind of technological device. Whether it’s your phone, iPad, laptop, or desktop computer, step away for a few minutes and give your brain a break. Better yet…shut everything down for 10 whole minutes!

Potassium and Chill. Feel like the weight of the world is resting on your shoulders? Scientists say that eating bananas or potatoes can reduce high blood pressure in stressful situations.

Want to find out more ways to de-stress in a flash? Check out this article by The Huffington Post!


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