Pre Labor Day Prep

Wednesday, August 29th, 2018

Have you been tasked with hosting the Labor Day Party this year? A lot goes into entertaining friends and family, but with a little pre-party prep and planning, your holiday weekend can run smoothly and enjoyably! Read on to see what great tips we’ve found for you to try.

Gather the Guest List

Get a feel for how many people you’ll be entertaining and cooking for. This will give you a definite idea for how much food you’ll need to prepare and how much space you’ll need to tidy up.

Set the Stage

What area of your home will everyone gather? The kitchen and great room? The patio and pool area? Both? Whatever you decide, get it clean! Clear away unnecessary clutter or furniture and make the area feel as spacious as possible. Make sure guests can easily move into and out of the space as well.

Prep the Menu

Decide ahead of time what kind of food you’d like to serve up and go grocery shopping early. If you’re BBQing, make sure your equipment is safe and ready to be used. Ask your potential guests if they have any food allergies or restrictions you might want to consider. Also consider no-cook and make-ahead recipes that can save time in your food prep.

Theme It!

Adding a theme to your shindig is a fun way to get people excited for your gathering. Have a clothing rule that guests have to wear your theme colors or arrive with a funny hat. Have fun with it!

Game Time

If food will be served later than when guests arrive, have some games or activities planned to keep people active or to break the ice if you’ll have a mix of guests. We’ve found a few games for grown ups HERE.

Last, but not least, let us know how you did! Tag your memories with #WhitneyRanchCA and share your own tips and successes with us on social media!


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