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Thursday, September 21st, 2017

As a homebuyer, there’s nothing more exciting than finding the perfect house to call home. The next step is to personalize your home to fit your lifestyle needs and preferences. Are you an entertainer who hosts weekly dinner parties with many guests? Are you a master chef hard at work on your next recipe? Or are you a bookworm snuggled by the window with a cup of joe and Agatha Christie? Whoever you are, your home interiors should reflect it. Read on for ideas on fixing up rooms and spaces to fit your fancy.

Calling All Party People!

Gatherings with family and friends are always good fun, but is your pad set to handle multiple people comfortably? Consider some of these tips when building your living space.

  • When selecting furniture for your gathering space, opt for long or wrap-around couches than can sit multiple people.
  • Consider larger, longer coffee tables for placing food plates and drinks. End tables for the couch or by armchairs also help with managing crowdedness.
  • Plan for gathering spaces to flow through the house. If possible, incorporate outdoor living spaces into your gathering areas so guests can move around if the living room/dining room gets crowded. With open floorplans, gathering areas can mesh with the kitchen with bar-style seating at your center island or counters.
  • Upstairs spaces like lofts or bonus rooms can be a hit with younger guests at a “grown-up” party. Set up some games and comfy pillows for kids to escape to while the parents are mingling.

A Kitchen to Compliment a Chef!

Exploring new recipes to serve the family or just yourself is an exciting hobby. It can get frustrating, however, if the right tools aren’t within reach or even within your kitchen! Some things to consider:

  • Keep wooden spoons, ladles, spatulas, whisks, and other mixing instruments within reach of your main cooking area. A themed holder by the stove is a great place if you frequently cook on the stovetop or prepare dishes for the oven.
  • Any drawers near the oven or stove are perfect for storing oven mitts and potholders. Hanging them nearby is also handy and can add an accent to your kitchen decor theme.
  • Store like items. Nothing is more frustrating than searching for items you know you have or saw just moments ago. Organize your cupboards and drawers by storing like items together. Dry ingredients here, spices and extracts there, canned goods to the left, oils and other liquids to the right!

Get Cozy!

Who doesn’t love a date night with Netflix or your latest read? Half the romance is in the comfort of your sit spot, so be sure to select an area you’re sure to enjoy. When scouting for the perfect roost:

  • Be sure you’ll be away from any noisier areas. Nothing kills quiet time quite like the revving of a lawnmower next door.
  • Side tables or a hard surface within reach of your spot are handy for setting drinks while you read or watch. It’s also safer if you’re handling hot liquids!
  • If you’re a reader, situate your spot near a window with ample light or place a lamp nearby to add brightness.
  • Be sure your spot is well supplied with blankets and pillows. Your furry feline or canine (if applicable) will also appreciate this!

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