Organizing Your Kitchen To Function Flawlessly

Tuesday, August 25th, 2020

We know our Whitney Ranch families love cooking, sharing a meal, and spending quality time with each other in what is known as the heart of the home. Your kitchen is a place for entertaining family and friends, catching up with the kids, and enjoying a peaceful solo morning breakfast. With all of the time spent in this central space, your kitchen must also function in a way that meets the needs of your family and food cravings. 

As David Lewis, a British Industrial Designer once said, “Truly elegant design incorporates top-notch functionality into a simple, uncluttered form.” 

Today, we are walking you through 10 ways to design and organize your kitchen so that it not only looks beautiful, but functions for you. 

Utensil Container

Gone are the days of having a cluttered utensil drawer. A ceramic or glass container makes it easy to find the exact tool you are looking for and truly shows off that you are an avid cooking wizard!

Save Space

Save Space

Saving space is essential for all home chefs, beginners and pros. Purchasing foldable trivets, collapsible bowls, and stackable drinkware will save you space in the drawers in your kitchen, and free up space for new kitchen gatchets!

Trash Bowl

We learned the trash bowl trick from Rachael Ray. Set a bowl off to the side when you are dicing veggies, peeling potatoes, or shelling edamame. Throw all of your scraps into the trash bowl and discard at the end of your preparation process or use for compost. This trick saves you constant trips to the trash or compost bin and saves you time when whipping up a quick bite.

Organized Spice Cabinet

Spice Cabinet

This kitchen hack is pretty self explanatory, so choose the method that is right for you! We recommend using a rotating spice rack, a spice wall, alphabetical system, or a system that places your most used spices within the closest reach. Not only does it make for a classy decor piece, but it functions when you need to quickly add some more garlic powder.

Labels or Chalk Boards


Labels make the kitchen look clean and organized while bringing a high level of functionality to your space. Label large transparent bins to store your flour, sugar, granola, and brown sugar so you can easily see what you need to grab. Label snack bins, candy bins, and dry pasta to keep the kitchen looking tidy. For the crafty folks, adhere a mini chalk board to each bin for some handmade charm, and so you can rewrite the labels when necessary.

Nonslip Kitchen Floor Mat

Create a safe environment for doing dishes by laying down a nonslip floor mat. Choose a color that complements your kitchen and boom – you have a safe, functional space for meal time!

Organize Tupperware


We all know that matching lids to Tupperware can be a time-consuming process. With an overflow of plastic food storage, what is an organized home chef to do? Consider using book bins as dividers, tension rods, or a magazine rack to keep everything in its proper place. Check out this article for 10 clever ways to organize your Tupperware here.

Phone / Laptop Holder

Phone Holder

Do you ever want to watch a recipe video or your favorite show on Netflix while cooking? A stand for your phone or laptop can help you achieve the goal of cooking with your electronics, while keeping them at a safe distance from spills, splashes, and splatters. Now, cook along with your on-screen guide and you’re ready for success!

Hanging Mug Wall


For the owners of unique or aesthetically pleasing coffee mugs, purchase or DIY a wall for mug-hanging. You can purchase one online or create your own with sturdy hooks so you can show off your collection. This adds decoration and character to a section of your kitchen while providing easy access to this kitchenware favorite. 

Create the Perfect Coffee Station

A beautiful and organized kitchen is not complete without the perfect coffee and tea station. Designate a corner of your kitchen for your French press, tea kettle, or Keurig, and install a mini shelf to store K-cups, sugar packets, and tea spoons. This will elevate your morning and afternoon caffeine breaks and create a functional and quaint section of your kitchen!

Your kitchen is already an amazing place to be, so why not take it to the next level? Take one of our tips and let us know how it goes! 



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