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Friday, April 3rd, 2020

When April comes to mind, the first thing we think about is flowers blooming, birds singing, and spring cleaning! But, did you know that it’s also National Decorating Month? It’s the perfect time to give your home a fresh look and make something old look new again. Here are great ways to spruce up your home (with some family-friendly activities included!).  

Bring Out the Paint! 

One of the best ways to change up your home is with a little bit of paint! You can tackle one room at a time and enjoy spending some quality time with your kids. Pro tip: This year, Forbes says that pink is a color that shouldn’t be ignored.

Create an Inviting Front Porch

Looking to up your home’s curbside appeal? Add some potted plants to your front porch! You’d be surprised to see how adding a little bit of plant life can make a space more inviting. 

Add New Artwork

Have a crafter on your hands? Spice up your decor with crafts made by your kids! There are so many great craft ideas to make with your little ones while you’re at home. Get in the Easter spirit by making your own Easter bunnies, with six simple materials! You could also brighten up your outdoor space with your very own set of windchimes. Find a colorful DIY activity HERE

Throw in a Splash of Color

Want to know how to really make a space pop? Add some color! This can be done in a variety of ways ranging from adding a new rug to changing up furniture. Another protip…you don’t have to buy new furniture to change it up. You can reupholster your favorite couches and chairs with a new type of fabric to match your scheme. As far as wooden furniture goes, you can also stain it to go from light to dark or vice versa. 

Feng Shui

It’s possible to shake things up inside your home without spending a dime! Bring some new life into your surroundings by decluttering and changing up a space. You can do this by eliminating furniture in a room or by simply moving it around.

Backyard Garden

Design the perfect backyard by adding in a garden! Having a backyard garden allows you to nurture and grow FRESH fruits and vegetables that you want to eat! Better yet, it allows you to teach your children a new skill.. Once you have an area set aside, you can even get fancy by adding in fountains and other unique ways to water your plants of choice. 

Happy Decorating!


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