How To Get Your Kids Pumped For The New School Year

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016

Does the idea of summer ending make your kids groan and hide under the covers? Are they dreading going back to school? We know how to turn those frowns upside down! Check out these great ways to get your kids psyched for the new year ahead.


Set Up Playdates

If your kids are feeling anxious about being around their peers, have them connect with friends before the first day of school! Set up some playdates together them feeling comfortable and excited to see their bestbuds at school every day. Source

Plan a Back to School Party

Getting back into the swing of things can be nerve racking for both students and parents, so why not get some people together to celebrate? Invite your kids’ old classmates and their parents for a fun evening of food, games, and cheers to a great year! Source


Create a Back to School Countdown!

Three…two…one…school has officially begun! You can create an easy countdown to the first day of school by getting a clipboard and seven pieces of paper, then have your kids remove a page each day. Results will include sheer excitement before school even begins! Source

Tie Dye T-Shirts

If your kiddos are in an end-of-summer funk, get them amped and ready for that first day by tie dying some shirts! They’ll love the activity and will be anxious to show off their outfits to their peers. Say ‘bye-bye’ to those gloomy faces! Source

Plan Route to School a Week Before

Are your young scholars traveling to school alone this year? Have them ride their bikes to school a week before the big day, that way they will know exactly where to go and relieve some of those nervous jitters. Source

undefinedSign Up for Activities!

Going back to school doesn’t have to be such a downer. Not when you have fun activities to look forward too! Yearbook club, soccer, football, cheerleading, photography…make sure your kids are involved in things that they love doing. They’ll have a positive attitude because of it! Source

Reward Them for a Job Well Done

Nothing motivates kids more than recognition for trying their best. When they ace that math test, or score the winning goal, take them out for ice cream or a day of riding roller coasters. They’ll continue to shoot for the stars and feel better about themselves!

Good luck to all of our young Whitney Ranchers on their first day of school. We’re excited for you already!


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