How To Decorate Your Home This Fall

Friday, October 14th, 2016

There’s nothing better than the joyous feeling of digging out your fall decorations from the attic… minus the clouds of dust. Magical holidays are afoot during these upcoming months, not to mention the start of your home’s many festive makeovers. Try using some of these popular fall trends this year!

Leather Accents. Whether it’s real or faux, adding cocoa and caramel colored leather to any room will create some serious fall vibes. Throw a few leather pillows on the living room couch or the hallway bench and see how it looks! Example

Twig Decor. It might sound strange that “twigs” and “sticks” are trending this year, but the bare branch look really makes you feel like you’re in an autumn paradise. You can put them in beautiful pots or planters to create a branch scene on your front porch. If you’re feeling really crafty, assemble them into twig pumpkins! Example

Pumpkin Ice Bucket. You might be furrowing your brow at this one, but your dinner guests will be truly impressed! Make your Pumpkin Ice Bucket in a few easy steps. First, find a pumpkin that has a flat side to sit upright. Next, cut out an oval shape on the round side. Follow up by scooping out the tasty pumpkin innards. Don’t forget to wash and clean it! Lastly, fill it with ice, and voila! You have your ice bucket. Example

Chalkboard Pumpkin Menu. Perfect for a Halloween party or a Thanksgiving gathering, this is an adorable decoration to place in the kitchen for a buffet style dinner. Paint your entire pumpkin black (or any dark color of your choosing) and use chalk paint to write out the dishes being served! How clever is that? Example

Fall Baskets. Tis’ the season for fall baskets! There’s a variety of ways you can make a simple woven basket look festive, and we encourage you to get in the spirit and show yours off this year. Here’s a fun craft you should definitely try: Bountiful Fall Baskets.

Pumpkin Vases. Instead of putting fancy centerpieces on your dining room table, buy some mini pumpkins and make them the “center” of attention! This is a great craft for anyone who loves decorating pumpkins and making floral arrangements. Example.

Leaf and Twine Napkin Rings. Ever thought about making your own napkin rings? With a few leaves, twine, and toilet paper rolls, you’ll have the cutest holiday napkins in the family! Example

Happy Autumn and have fun decorating!


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