Housecleaning Tips For Busy Families

Saturday, April 13th, 2019

What is it about springtime that kicks everyone’s schedules into high gear? More family and outdoor recreation to take advantage of our beautiful Rocklin sunshine, kids’ sports and activities, work, errands – before you know it, your house has that lived in look, and not in a good way. When life gets busy, it’s easy to let the housework slide, but we’re here to help! We’ve got a few handy tips for getting your home back in tip top shape for spring and summer that won’t keep you from fun at The Ranch House or our fabulous community parks!

Have a Routine

: Mom4Real

Making a plan is probably the single best way to maintain a clean and well-kept home. Create a simple daily or weekly to-do list that covers all areas of the house so no rooms are forgotten or neglected. The whole house deserves some love! Checklists are awesome, because doesn’t it feel fantastic to check things off a list when you’re done? We like these HERE.

No one gets a free ride in this house! Mom, Dad, teens, older children, younger children – everyone can and should participate in contributing to the household. Set up age-appropriate chore lists for everyone in the house, and keep them handy and easily accessible. The older children can work chores into their schedule (teaches them some good time management life skillz!), while the younger children can work alongside you. We like this chore list for kids:

Create Cleaning Supplies Stations


Have easy-to-reach and accessible supplies is one less chore and obstacle to quickly digging in and getting some cleaning done. Create a few supply caddies with the various cleansers, sponges, and wipe cloths you need for cleaning. At the minimum, place a caddy upstairs and downstairs for convenience.

One Load a Day

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Do one load of laundry a day to keep the dirty clothes mountain away! This one’s easier said than done, but it frees up precious weekend time. No more marathon laundry days. Bonus points if you teach your children to do their OWN laundry.

15 Minutes a Day Rule
Set a timer and do nothing but clean for 15 solid minutes. NO DISTRACTIONS. That’s easily a bathroom or a kitchen wipedown. If you can commit to 15 minutes of focused cleaning a day, you can have an impressively clean home on the regular, especially if you’re enlisting the entire family to help out, too. And yes, there’s a checklist for that! Download a good one HERE.

Clear the Clutter
A few new simple practices each day can keep the clutter away. Place a bin in your front entryway to catch recyclable junk mail, clear the kitchen counter while making dinner, and do a five-minute ‘sweep’ of your main living areas after dinner. Kids can be notorious clutter contributors, and we have a solution: give each child their own clutter basket placed strategically downstairs. When you’re tidying up, toss your kids’ belongings into the corresponding basket. At the end of the day, they’re responsible for taking them to their rooms and putting things away.

Know When It’s Time to Call the Pros
If you need a major housecleaning reset before you start all of the above, or if you and your family’s schedules are already maxed out, enlist some outside help. Ta da, now your weekends just got a lot more fun!

Enjoy your beautiful clean home!


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