Five Fabulous Fall Fashion Trends 2020

Wednesday, November 18th, 2020

Have you exchanged your tank tops and tees for sweaters and jackets? Is your closet slowly filling with more quarter-zips and scarves? Fall is here, and with that comes new fashion trends to be on the lookout for. Let’s jump into these five fall fashion trends for 2020!

Faux Fur

comfy fake fur
Photo Credit: @alyssa.lenore

Faux fur is a huge trend for fall 2020 that is bringing comfort, style, and essential layering to the cooler days. Faux fur is just as stylish as ever, and a humane way of styling your warmer looks. These stylish accents look good in every color and pair with jeans, skirts, and pants of all colors and styles. When you’re cozied up by the fireplace this fall or enjoying an evening happy hour on the patio, you’ll be happy you have your faux fur to keep you warm.

Yellow Accents

this yellow accent coat is striking against the darker earth tones seen in the fall.
Source: @brooklynblonde1

The color yellow is often overlooked and underappreciated, and deserves a spot in your fall wardrobe lineup. Yellow jewelry, undershirts, earrings, belts, jackets, and shoes will give your looks a pop of color. Mustard yellow will be the perfect accent for the family fall photo shoot this year, and you won’t regret this vibrant yet classy touch. But of course like any good statement, use yellow sparingly and with poise this fall.

Punk Plaid Accents

these punk plaid pants will light up your attaitude when the weather
Photo: Urban Outfitters UO Cara High-Waisted Kick Flare Pant ($39)

If you would’ve told us a year ago that punk plaid was going to make a comeback, we would’ve told you the news by now! But don’t just take it from us, check out these adorable pants that create a look so fall 2020 and oh, so chic. With this fun pattern, you can go as plain or experimental with your other pieces. Choose a plain white shirt, a denim jacket, or a plain black hat. Or switch it up and find plaid accessories like shoes, belts, and purses. Punk is back, and we can’t wait to go shopping!

Fringe & Grunge

fringe and grunge
Photo Cred: @karenbritchick

Fringe and grunge are taking their place center stage this fall fashion season! Fringe provides texture to any outfit and can be found on shirts, jackets, pants, skirts, and bags alike this season. Grungy color choices and sharp angles will bring out a new edge during the colder months. Try out the fringe, you will be sure to love it!

Business Casual

business casual is business forward
Photo Credit: 11 Honore

Dress as your own boss every day with cropped blazers, boots, pantsuits, and (plastic) leather belts. The business casual look invites professionalism into your everyday look, whether you are shopping, taking an important Zoom meeting, or running errands. The best part about this look is that you do not have to sacrifice comfort. Pick pieces that are soft and keep you warm, and you will have everyone on the street asking where you got your look.

We hope you found some fall fashion inspiration this week. And now, you can also use this guide to help you go shopping for holiday gifts for loved ones, or just treat yourself to a new pair of shoes. Have fun shopping!


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