Exercise Routines For 2017

Tuesday, January 10th, 2017

We’ve made it to 2017, Whitney Ranch! It’s the time of year for new beginnings, new habits, and striving towards a new YOU. If you’ve made the resolution to live a healthy lifestyle this year, we found FIVE workout routines to help you stay on track and reach your fitness goals.

Grab your yoga mat and try these out!

15 Easy Core Workouts

This workout posted by Postris.com has all the right moves to keep that tummy tight and perfect while in the comfort of your own home. In this workout, you’ll be doing: planks, side planks (great for tightening ab and back muscles), bicycle crunches, the folding chair (great for core and extending flexibility), vertical leg crunches, and more! This is a 10 minute workout to squeeze into your busy day. Routine

7-Day Fat Burning Challenge

This workout posted by SkinnyMs.com is an exstensive 7-day work out for the morning, afternoon, AND evening! The morning and afternoon routines are geared towards burning fat and getting your heart pumping with some cardio. Evenings are for building strength and packing on the muscle. You’ll be doing everything from plyometric lunges and chair dips to leg raises and jump squats. Take the challenge! Routine

9 Yoga Poses for Weightloss

Also posted by SkinnyMs.com, this workout is one of the Top 5 Life Changing Yoga Routines. This workout is specifically targeted towards weight loss, and after doing 10 reps of plank to downward dog, you’ll definitely feel the burn! Videos are included to show you how to do the poses correctly. Click here to check out the other four routines. 9 Yoga Poses

17 Exercises for Toned Arms

Need to tone up those arms? Get into the habit of doing these AWESOME exercises for dreamy biceps posted by SkinnyMom.com. You’ll be be doing fun things like: hammer curls, tricep kickbacks, cheer presses, and more! Routine

Thighs and Lower Body Workout

Intervals and timing are a HUGE factor for making a workout successful…and worth the grogginess in the morning! This workout posted by Spotebi.com conveinently includes a timer to help you to stay on track and keep your body (and booty) hustling. Some exercises include: 3 sets of diamond kicks for 30 secs, 3 sets of wall-sit rotations for 45 secs, and 3 sets of squat thrusts for 45 secs. Routine

Let’s make 2017 the healthiest year yet!


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