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Sunday, March 17th, 2019

Working from home is fantastic, when you can actually get some work done! There’s nothing like a well-planned and designed home office to inspire your creativity and productivity, so let’s take a closer look at some best practices that will help you create a space that’s functional, stylish, and reflects your personality.

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The first thing is to decide how exactly you plan to use the space.

Some helpful questions to ask:

  • Will this be your primary office?
  • What kind of work will you do here?
  • Will customers and/or clients visit?
  • What kind of materials will be stored in the space?
  • Will you participate in conference calls and video conferencing?

The answers to these questions can help guide you through the planning and design process. Be sure to keep revisiting them as you work through the steps below!

First, the Basics

Your Space

Think about the space you plan to use as your office. It should be in an area where you can physically remove yourself from the sounds and activities of the rest of the house. After all, the aim here is to get work done, and that’s challenging with many interruptions like TV noise, children playing, etc. Ideally, your work space is a separate room with a door that closes for maximum privacy, but it’s not necessary. An upstairs loft or shared den space would work well too, as long as family and friends steer clear during your work hours and you take steps to keep the area separate from the rest of the house (partition, book case, etc.). Happily, there are many Whitney Ranch homes that come with one of both! Check them out HERE.


Having the proper equipment is crucial to a productive home office. Considerations include phone line installation, computer and printer, a comfortable desk chair, video conferencing needs, desk and bookcase, storage furniture.


Natural light is best, so choose a room or area near a window if you can. Desk and floor lamps should emit a warm and soft light. If space is an issue, think about installing pendant lighting or sconces.

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Comfort and Style Considerations

Getting and Staying Organized

Set up your systems for organization so everything has its proper place. Nothing kills creativity like mess and clutter, so be sure you have the proper furniture and storage for everything you plan to use day to day.

Cable Management

Prevent those unsightly cable nests right away. There are many cable management products to choose from, like sleeves, trays, boxes, and ties. Choose what works best for you and use them as soon as you set up your office equipment.


Ok, you’ve made it this far, so let’s have some fun and talk about color! Now’s your chance to start showing some personality. Are you into cool, soothing neutrals, or do you love living life in bright color? When selecting color(s), be sure to keep in mind how you’re planning to use the space, especially if clients will be visiting and if you’re going to be doing any video conferencing.

Tailored Living

Add Your Style and What Inspires You

Finally, add personal items and decor that bring you joy, like live plants, original artwork or prints, family and friend photos, a rug, sentimental knick-knacks. It’s these seemingly small details that really tie everything together in your office space, can help you maintain focus, and do your best work.

Have fun with the design! If you make it both functional and personal, your home office will be a source of inspiration and a place of productivity!


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