Cozy Festive Fall Decor Trends

Monday, October 12th, 2020

According to the calendar, fall is officially here (even if it might not feel like it) and the autumn glow is ready to welcome the season into your Whitney Ranch home. With a few small additions, changes, and purchases, you can transform your favorite living spaces into the cozy autumn spaces you only see on Pinterest. Check out our guide here and let us know what other ways you have autumn-ified your home!


a fall inspired bouquet of orange and white pumpkins, orange and green flowers and a chalk board with festive writing wishing you a happy halloween

Chalkboards add rustic farmhouse charm to your kitchen and living space, while also serving a practical purpose. Use your chalkboard to showcase the day’s dinner menu, family announcements, chore charts, and more! Use them to play drawing games around the dinner table or to work on math homework. They’re inexpensive and the perfect way to add some fall charm to the home.


Mirrors will add more reflective natural light to your home on cloudy days and are a hot fall decor trend for 2020. Experiment with oblong or oddly shaped mirrors to add a modern, minimalist touch to any room in the house. And of course, a large mirror right by the front door is essential for a last-minute outfit check before heading out.


a pink blush colored room with mutted tones that calm your senses
Photo credit: House Beautiful

Caramel, amber, gold, and ruby are all back in classic fall style. However this year, pink is making its appearance in the 2020 lineup to test out in your living space. A pink accent wall, pillow, or lampshade might be all you need to invite a splash of pink in your space. Don’t believe us? Just look at how chic this pink accent wall is!

Canopy Beds

an open room with a canopy bed taking center stage
Photo credit: Amber Interior Design

Was a canopy bed your childhood dream too? Just me? Either way, they’re back for fall 2020 and can add a mature and snuggly feel to your bedroom, especially if done with dark woods or metals. Add drapes to further increase the coziness and you’re on your way to a classy fall-inspired bedroom.

Floral Wallpaper

a beautiful blue and gold colored wallpaper fills this room with bright fall vibes
Photo credit: Anthropologie

Wallpaper is a big step for many homeowners, as you have to usually commit to an idea for a long period of time. However, if done as an accent wall in a bathroom, closet, or laundry room, you can add just a touch of personal flair to your space and invite the fall vibes in!

Upgrade Your Patio

enjoy the fall colors in a patio chair surrounded with fall flowers and pumpkin towers
Photo credit: Blesser House

Autumn has the perfect weather for spending time on your patio at all hours of the day! To improve your patio energy and some serious curb appeal, consider adding hanging lights, warm blankets, candles, kerosene torches, and pumpkins.

Vintage Tins

Recycle your old tin cans to use as vintage flower holder center pieces
Photo credit: Country Living

We had to include these vintage tins, which will add adorable charm to your dining room table, kitchen, bathroom, or living room this autumn. Use the tins as flower vases, pencil holders, kitchen utensil holders, and more.

Try out the fall 2020 decor trends in your Whitney Ranch home this week! And don’t forget a pumpkin spiced latte and fall leaf candle to go with them.


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