Be the Best You in 2022!

Tuesday, January 11th, 2022

Be the Best You in 2022! A black man prepares for his run by doing leg streches in a community park beforehand.

Taylor Swift said it best—we’re definitely, “feeling ‘22” and SO READY to tackle the year head-on with new goals and a new attitude! Resolutions can definitely feel daunting, but we’ve put together some helpful tips that will hopefully inspire you to stay on track this year. Grab that fresh new planner (yaaas) because it’s time to make a game plan!

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Remember that game plan? First, map out your goals. Are they personal goals, family goals, business goals, or something else? Next, prioritize them. Be realistic with yourself and ask which ones can be done sooner versus later. Think of deadlines if you are a deadline person, or ask yourself if your goals will be ongoing for the entire year and beyond.

Baby Steps!

If following through on your resolutions is usually a piece of cake, then tackling those bigger goals will be no sweat. However, if you struggle, like the rest of us, think SMALL FIRST. Do you always plan to read 12 books every year and never do? Start with three. Have an idea for a novel? Write five pages a day. Want to get out and walk every day? Start with a few laps around the neighborhood.

Completing those micro goals will help you feel accomplished and build momentum for you to take on even bigger challenges.

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Put Goals in Sight

Now that you have strategized, put your goals literally in sight! Purchase a few mirror markers and write them on your bathroom mirror. Put them on post-its on the inside of your front door so you catch a glimpse of them on your way out. Force yourself to view goals often, because daily acknowledgment helps you to subconsciously set your goals in motion. Try it out and let us know which method you use to put your goals in sight.

Create Incentives

It’s the age-old trick. “If you eat all your green beans, then you can have dessert.” Who remembers that line? Creating small incentives for yourself when you hit milestones might just work for you. Did you stick to your diet? Go grab some dairy-free ice cream! Have you lowered your spending? Treat yourself to one new shirt. It can be as small as a bath and candles at the end of the day to incentivize your goals and keep you on track.

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Talk It Out

Verbalizing your goals is the first step to holding yourself accountable. Thoughts and goals live in our heads, but it might not be until we talk them out with a friend, family member, or therapist that they become a reality in our own world. Then, we can start seeing the roadmap for success in each of our goals. Talk it out with someone, you won’t regret it.

Try New Apps

Now it is easier than ever to download new apps for improving your lifestyle. Our phones have the power to keep track of tasks we might forget to pay attention to, like our sleep schedule or our nutrition and water intake. You may also want to consider downloading a reminder app that will send you notifications throughout the day about personal goals or work-related tasks you don’t want to forget about. Lastly, we could all use a bit more organization in our lives, which is why we recommend downloading apps that help you organize your photos into specific albums, keep track of your passwords, or even categorize your bill payments! It’s an old iPhone tagline, but it still rings true, “There’s an app for that!” Start searching the app store for tools that can help you in your pursuit of goals.

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The Buddy System

Sometimes, we hit roadblocks or get discouraged when trying to make positive changes in our lives, and that’s okay. Reaching out to a friend or a family member to keep you accountable is one of the best things you can do when wanting to achieve a goal. We know it can be hard, but don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Don’t Fear Failure

Don’t fear the unknown and don’t fear failure. If you have a hiccup in your process, view it not as a set-back, but as a directional guideline for a step forward! Hiccups can be helpful in reminding us of what is important, what not to do, or what we need to change—and that is progress! Take a running start and launch yourself unapologetically into your goals! It’s going time.


Imagine a beam of light between you and your ideal self. A lot of the time, the blocks preventing you from sticking to your goals are mental. There is no physical barrier between you and your 2022 goals, just a mindset that is stopping you. Whatever goals you choose to set for yourself this year, make sure you visualize yourself achieving them. The combination of a positive mindset and visualization creates the beam of light you need to see your way to success!

Make Someday Start Today

No more “starting tomorrow.” The “start today” mentality will help you realize that things are achievable when we stop saying that today isn’t the day. TODAY IS THE DAY!

We hope this gives you a good start for sticking with your 2022 goals. Whatever they may be, push forward with optimism and assurance that you’ve got this!


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