Balancing Family Time

Wednesday, September 19th, 2018

With the new school year underway and after-school activities in full swing, it can be hard to come together as one family. Waiting until the holidays shouldn’t be the only answer, so how do we make time for it all? We’ve got a few ideas to help you get in that invaluable bonding time we should all be getting with our families!

Plan it Out

Planning your time does wonders for staying on schedule and avoiding that crunch-time feeling. Sit down and plan out the family schedule. Put everyone’s work schedule, school schedule, soccer schedule, and anything else down on paper. Now make some goals to meet every week, like Family Dinner Fridays, Monday Movie Night, Wednesday Walks through the Neighborhood, and anything else. Reserve those times as family times so they don’t disappear! We found a few other activities to enjoy with the ones who matter most.

Don’t Overload

Don’t feel obligated to take on extra work or volunteering if you feel it will cut into valuable free family time. You’re not selfish for keeping your time open for your clan or even just for yourself! Together time should feel relaxing and enjoyable; if you’re constantly checking the clock or rushing to get home, you’re not relaxed and family time can feel strained. This blogger talks reality in finding that sweet spot between work and life.

Coordinate Activities

If your child has softball practice in the afternoons, see about becoming a volunteer coach for their team. This can help you keep up with their interests and watch them excel at what they love!

Never Take ‘Together Time’ for Granted

Even that 15-minute car ride to school can be a valuable and meaningful moment for the family. Have a conversation about what your child’s goals are for that day or play a simple game to get some laughs in before you both start your busy days. Check out some of these easy games to play while you drive.

Let us know how you feel! How do you stay balanced during the busiest times of the year? Share your quality time with us on social media. Tag #WhitneyRanchCA in your posts to be featured on our channels.


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