Avoid The Flu This Season

Monday, November 26th, 2018

What are your favorite winter holiday memories from over the years? Sledding in the snow? Building a gingerbread house? Decorating a tree? Lying sick on the couch with the flu? Probably not that last one. We’re going to help you avoid the sickness this year with these easy tips to stay healthy.

Web MD suggests:

#1. Get a Flu Shot!

This one is the easiest. Immunizing yourself is the #1 way to avoid any illness, and when places like Walgreens offer walk-in flu shots, keeping the flu bug away is hardly a task at all.

#2. Wash Your Hands!

After you do your business and especially before you eat! Washing hands kills and scrubs away a majority of germs that can make you sick.

#3. Use Hand Sanitizer!

Exposure to germs helps your body immunize itself, but if you need a quick cleanser in a pinch, alcohol-based hand sanitizer is really effective.

#4. Live Healthy!

You are what you eat! Healthy eating with plenty of vitamins and minerals are a sure way to boost your immune system and help you ward off the bug.

Healthline.com suggests:

#5. Cover Your Mouth!

Most germs are spread through coughing and sneezing. Instead of covering your blows with your hand, use the soft part of your elbow or your shoulder.

#6. Avoid Touching Your Face!

As germs tend to live on surfaces for long periods, try to avoid excessive touching of your face, as you can transmit these germs to your mouth, nose, and eyes. YUCK!

#7. Avoid Contact with People!

Well don’t do this, but do try to avoid people who are fighting a contagious illness. It’s not that they aren’t nice people, we’re just trying to stay healthy over here!

#8. Wipe Down Your Home!

Disinfecting wipes are fairly cheap and they keep those sickening germs off of most surfaces. Bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms are probably your number one targets to keep clean.

Those weren’t so bad were they? Granted, if it’s meant to be, you may end up with the sniffles anyhow, but we highly encourage you to practice healthy habits to diminish your risk. Happy (and healthy) Holidays to you!


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