Activities To Do This Winter In And Around Whitney Ranch

Friday, February 21st, 2020

Warmer days are in our future forecast as we are just DAYS away from the start of spring (anyone ready for March 19?!). Our cold weather is making us long for the days where we could play and explore our community parks and trails.  But…who said that winter CAN’T be fun? We’re diving into some family-friendly activities that will help you bond with your crew during the chilly season at Whitney Ranch.

Bake Together


‘Tis the season of nothing but baked goods full of cookies, brownies, and CHOCOLATE galore! The winter season (any season really) is the perfect excuse to get in your chef-inspired kitchen at Whitney Ranch and teach the youngins how to cook.

Get Your Game On in Rocklin!

Get ready to face puzzles, mysteries, codes, AND secrets! Grab your family and best pals and BEAT THE ROOM with your wits and reasoning. Don’t forget to make a reservation before you test your teamwork in a real-life escape room. 

Get Crafty 

Cabin fever got you down? Get crafty! Count the snowman, make snowflakes, and get ready for the gingerbread hunt! There are so many fun crafts to do with your kids that will create long-lasting memories and decorations for years to come. Find out some fun crafts HERE

Grab Your Skates!


Looking for some good ice-cold fun near Whitney Ranch? Grab your skates and head out to Skatetown in Rocklin! Whether you’re looking to have some fun or perfect your toe loop, this is the perfect winter sport to indulge in.

Practice Yoga


Trying to stay fit during the winter months can be hard. With the cold weather, the motivation to get out of bed and get moving is at an all-time low. Want to know the best-kept secret about Whitney Ranch? You can get your workout in at The Ranch House with yoga classes almost every day! 

Have a Fire and Make S’mores


Gather round the campfire! Brave the outdoors of your gorgeous backyard with your family and enjoy a night full of company, stories, and gooey s’mores.


See? Winter isn’t so bad! Enjoy the last few days of this cold season and get ready for spring!


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