A Tidy Home Is A Happy Home 5 Easy Organization Tips

Monday, February 8th, 2021

There’s no better feeling than coming home to a clean and organized house! While we would love for our homes to always look like the cover of an interior design magazine, it’s not always easy to stay neat and tidy. However, we compiled five quick and easy organization tips for you to try out this week to help you create a clean and happy space in your beautiful new home at Whitney Ranch!

1. Start small with the focus 15 method

The easiest way to get organized is to start small! Pick one location like the kitchen or your closet and set a timer for 15 minutes. During that time, buckle down and just start organizing! Find a home for those items that have been hanging out and cluttering your counters, or grab some hangers and tackle that pile of laundry that’s been hanging out on the chair for a week. Once the timer is done, assess your work! If you feel like you have more energy in you, set the timer for another 15 minutes and keep going.

Master Bedroom Closet at Park View by The New Home Company

2. Kick-start new habits

Did you know it takes about six weeks to form a habit? To keep your home organized, implement new rules for the whole family to follow that are simple and quick to do! Eventually they will just become a habit everyone can follow.

Adding a chalkboard in the laundry room, like the one at The Summit, is a great way to remind everyone of their chores!

Laundry Room at The Summit by Tim Lewis Communities

A great habit to introduce to the kids is the idea of putting things away, not down. This way, when playtime is over, all the toys can go back to their homes, and not end up on the floor. This kids’ room at Park View utilizes drawers and shelving to keep the space neat and tidy.

Kids Room at Park View by The New Home Company

3. Utilize the three rules of organization

When you’re tidying up and finding a home for your clutter, it’s important to create a system that’s visible, accessible, and flexible! This means that items that are most commonly used should be stored in a location that’s easy to find, and simple to access. For example, if you are an avid cook, your most-used gadgets should be by the stove or in an easy-to-reach place, not the top of the pantry. Lastly, your system should be flexible and change based on how your needs change. A great way to store items is to utilize cubbies, like the ones used in this entryway in this Park View model home.

Entryway at Park View by The New Home Company

4. Take advantage of vertical space

If you need more storage or a place to display important momentos, look to the skies! Ok, not really, but utilizing the vertical space in your home with shelving will free up space and add a touch of personalization to your decor.

Home Office at Prominence by JMC Homes

5. Eliminate clutter hot spots

Take a look around your home, and try to pinpoint your clutter hot spots. Where do you and your family toss items down and let the clutter pile up? Is it the kitchen counter or maybe the dining room table? Get rid of these hot spots with fun decor! By adding decor in these spaces, your family will no longer have room to leave their items out. The added fun of decorating is just a bonus.

Kitchen at The Summit by Tim Lewis Communities

Keeping your home clean and organized will be a continuous chore, but with these tips, you can eliminate your stress points and make tidying up a quick thing versus an all-day activity! Do you have a favorite organizational tip? Share it in the comments below!


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