7 Ways To De Clutter Your Home

Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

There’s so much to love about the blossoming season of spring: bees are buzzing, baby birds are taking flight, the sun is finally melting the chill in the air…and our homes are consumed in CLUTTER. Okay, so that last one we don’t love so much. All the papers, clothes, and trinkets we’ve collected over the past year alway look more noticeable during the month of March, and we have some simple, yet effective tricks on how to clear away the excess.

Organize Your Linens. Are your sheets and towels a tangled mess? Can’t seem to find extra cotton swabs, lightbulbs, or toothpaste? These are signs that you need to desperately organize your linen closet. All you need are some colorful bins, labeling tools (chalk, markers, etc.), to store everything where you can easily find them. Example

Tidy Up the Garage. Cleaning out the garage is never fun, but once you’ve stacked, labeled, and boxed, you’ll be happy you spent the time sifting through dusty junk. Categorize everything and keep them all together on a shelf, such as: camping gear, snow gear, holiday decor, tools, etc. Roll up your sleeves, play some tunes, and just dive in! Example

The Beauty of a Sliding Rack. Are you struggling with storage in your pantry? Consider investing in a handy sliding rack so that you’re not digging around to find the brown sugar. It’s the perfect spot for all of your baking needs! Example  

Upgrade Your Kitchen Supplies. Does the clutter in your kitchen keep you up at night? Don’t lose sleep! This is an easy fix and can be done rather quickly. Throw away all of your old, grungy cooking utensils and dishes, and get rid of all the expired food in your fridge. Trust us when we say that going on a purging spree will do you wonders! Example

Buy 1, Toss 2. Is your closet getting a little tight? Every time you buy a new article of clothing, donate two that never see the outside world. Pretty soon, your closet will be filled with everything you love!

A Home for Toys. Does your kid’s room seem to always resemble the aftermath of a hurricane? Make a permanent home for all of those stuffed animals by creating a bungee cord cage for easy access and easy clean up. Example

Pack Up the Party. Having little ones in the house means throwing birthday parties every year and always using leftover decor from last year’s princess-themed pool party. If you have a storage space that’s filled to the brim with loose decor items, buy some bins and throw them in! Use pencil holders for plastic utensils, crates, tackle boxes, and whatever else will help you stay organized for the next celebration. Example

We’re ready to tackle the clutter! We hope these tips will make this year’s spring cleaning easy, breezy, and fun.1


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