7 Trends To Get Hooked On In 2017

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

If you’re not in the loop on interior design trends, it can be tricky when knowing how to keep your home looking fresh, vibrant, and current with the times… Do these colors go together? Is this rug too 70’s? Why does my bathroom look like an homage to my grandmother’s cat? Don’t stress! Toss those funky crocheted couch covers, and say ‘HELLO!’ to the groovy design trends of 2017.

Faux FurThat’s right, faux fur is making a comeback and invading homes everywhere this year. Whether it’s a rug, blanket, or throw pillow, this fun decor fad will make your living room or bedroom the coziest place to be…not to mention the trendiest! (link)

Velvet FurnitureWe know it might sound a little off the beaten path, but having a piece or two of velvet furniture can dispense a cool air of sophistication in the home. A dark jewel toned couch as an accent piece in the bedroom or a bonus living area can unveil that POP of perfection you’ve been looking for. (link)

Retro Lighting – The lighting fixtures these days may have you feeling like you’ve stepped into a Star Wars movie, but you’d be surprised at how fabulous they look over your dining room table. Explore the world of geometric possibilities and install some lighting that’s out of your comfort zone. You won’t be sorry! (link)

Repurposed Furniture – Have a dresser that’s looking a little worn down? Or an old chair that’s been in your family since the flood? Paint it, polish it, and transform it into a whole new spectacle that feels more you. With a little elbow grease and inspiration, your fairy godmother skills can do wonders! (link)

Green with StyleThings are looking green in 2017! According to design experts, incorporating shades of green will be a big hit this year. The color symbolizes new beginnings and a fresh start – a road to a new you! (link)

WallpaperDrop the paint…wallpaper is here to stay! Designs are getting bolder and technology is getting newer, which means wallpaper will become a permanent staple in every home this year and beyond. (link)

Pastel Lemon, Rose Quartz, and Mineral GreyIf you were feeling a little blue in 2016, these dreamy colors will fill your home with warm feelings of fresh homemade cookies and picnics in the spring. Try incorporating an accent wall with either Pastel Lemon, Rose Quartz, or Mineral Grey to get that relaxing atmosphere every home should have. (link)

Here’s to happy, trendy homes in 2017!


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