7 Tips To Organizing Your Pantry

Sunday, April 21st, 2019

Has your pantry become a catchall of empty cereal boxes, expired foods, and wayward Ziploc bags? A well-organized food storage space can make meal prep and grocery shopping faster and more efficient because you can easily see the food that you have. No more buying duplicates and spending time you don’t have trying to find ingredients! We’ve got some tips to help you clear the clutter, maximize your space, and maintain a tidy and well-kept pantry.

  1. Purge

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Start with a clean slate! Now’s the time to get rid of old and expired food so you can start things fresh. It’s also a great time to take everything out and give your pantry a good deep clean. Use your vacuum attachments to pick up spilled rice, sugar, and other dry ingredients, then give everything a good wipe down. It’s much more fun to organize pretty spaces, so if you’re feeling a little extra, jazz it up with a coat of paint or wallpaper.

  1. Inventory and categorize

While everything’s out of the pantry, take a look at all the items you have and begin grouping similar things together. Categorize things like, pasta, rice and other starches, beans, cereals, canned goods, snack types, etc. If you enjoy a lot of ethnic cooking, you can also place these foods together for easy accessibility. Get everything organized and prepped for number three below.

  1. Use containers or baskets

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This step is the one that really makes your pantry look neat and tidy! Invest in a set of clear containers or storage bins for many of the groupings you put together. Transfer boxed and bagged items into the containers to keep things looking streamlined and uniform. Put your label maker to use and label all the bins, and group food categories together on the shelves. Or get fancy and use fun little chalkboard signs or colored decals – get creative and have some fun! Even though most people won’t see the innards of your pantry, a pretty space will give you all the good housekeeping feels and makes food prep more enjoyable.

  1. Create a kid-friendly area

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Carve out a space on one of the lower shelves just for the kids. Fill up a couple of containers with their favorite cereals and healthy snacks they can easily reach and grab on the go. Pro tip: include reusable plastic plates, bowls, and utensils, and put the milk in an accessible area of the fridge. Now they’ll be able to make their own breakfast on Saturday mornings so hopefully you can stay in bed for a few more precious minutes!

  1. Don’t forget the door

This often overlooked area is more real estate to take advantage of in your pantry! Purchase an over-the-door organizer for overflow ingredients like canned goods, bottled drinks, or kids’ snacks. We like this one HERE because it can be mounted for increased stability.

  1. Maximize vertical space

Make better use of deep shelves by using tiered storage solutions so the items toward the back are elevated for easier viewing. Check out some tiered shelves HERE and HERE.

  1. Allocate space for non-food items

If you have enough space in pantry, create a section for other kitchen items like small appliances, cookbooks, bake ware, and bulky kitchen tools. Storing them in the pantry keeps your kitchen counters clear and clutter-free.

It helps to have a spacious and pretty pantry to start with, and Whitney Ranch homes come with some lovely pantries in spacious kitchens. If you’ve been looking for a new home with a fab kitchen for all things, we’ve got you covered. Check out Whitney Ranch floorplans HERE.

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