7 Tips For Preparing Your Home For Holiday Guests

Monday, November 25th, 2019

It’s that time of year when family and friends start rolling into town, ready to celebrate the holiday season! If you’re hosting, there’s no time like now to start thinking about getting your home prepped for houseguests, and we’re taking the stress out of it all to keep you relaxed, happy, and ready to entertain in comfort and style. Read on for our top tips to get your home set for the season! 

Declutter and clean

First things first, pick up and put everything in its proper place, keeping surfaces free of clutter. Get the kids to put their belongings away, either in their rooms or other dedicated space. A day-long deep clean isn’t necessary, but be sure the house is dusted and wiped down, paying special attention to the guest room and bathrooms. Sweep and mop the floors, and clear and clean kitchen counters.

Make toiletries, towels and bathroom supplies accessible

Is there anything worse than having to ask for extra toilet paper or the plunger? Don’t make it awkward, have everything your houseguests may need at the ready and easy to find. Keep the guest room or bathroom well stocked with towels, shampoos, soaps, and lotions that are in sight and within reach.

Provide them with important household logistics

Give them everything they need to get in and out of your home, like an extra set of house keys, garage door opener, and home alarm code and instructions. Write down your Wi-Fi password on a notebook and place in the guest room, as well as instructions for operating the TV and other household devices.

Make the menu

Find out ahead of time your guests’ favorite foods so you can include some for meals. Whip up a batch of some of their favorite holiday cookies, how thoughtful is that!? Be sure to also ask about dietary restrictions and allergies so you know what foods and dishes to avoid altogether. 

Give them things to do

If your guests are staying longer than a couple of days and will have some downtime, provide them with opportunities to explore your city on their own! Collect brochures or print out information about local tourist attractions, entertainment, cultural destinations, and events to give them a good selection of things to do. A restaurant list is a nice touch too, so they don’t have to spend precious time looking over Yelp for a place for lunch.

Make them comfortable

Provide them with little things that make them feel right at home, in yours! Accommodate for temperature preferences by placing extra blankets in the guest room and throws in the main living areas. Keep a couple of different pillow types available from firm to soft so everyone gets a good night’s sleep. Stock the guest room and living room with plenty of books, magazines, and games so they have things to do while dinner’s in the oven.

Create a guest cart/station

Set up an area of the kitchen or a cart with a Keurig or coffee pot with mugs, creamer, and tea bags. Include some single-serving snacks, a small bowl of fruit, and little treats. They’ll appreciate the ability to fend for themselves a bit, and it makes it easier on you, too!

Following these tips will get your home in tip-top shape so that you can relax and enjoy a stress-free holiday season with the people you love!


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