10 Gifts For The High School Graduate

Saturday, May 11th, 2019

Graduation for our high school seniors is fast approaching! As you get ready to fete them and wish them well on their way toward college and young adulthood, you’re probably wondering what special something you can gift them that they can use in the weeks and months ahead. No fear, we’ve got you covered and have listed our top ten gifts for the high school graduate!

Bed, Bath & Beyond Gift Card

They’re gonna need all the things for their new dorm room, from bedding, decor to bathroom supplies and more. Do them a solid and help them out with a helpful gift card to a one-stop shop for it all.

Laptop Upgrade

Spring for a new machine with more power, memory, and bells and whistles to make note taking and paper writing a breeze. We like THIS ONE and THIS ONE because they’re workhorses and lightweight for easy transporting.

University Apparel

Help them show their school spirit with some new college or university clothing! If you’re a proud parent, grab yourself something, too, so you have something to show for your draining bank account each semester.


These wireless AirPods are compatible with all Apple products and great for tuning in, tuning out, and escaping loud roommates.

College Bookstore Gift Card

Textbooks ain’t cheap! Help ease the sticker shock with a gift card to their college or university bookstore.

Keurig Coffee Maker

They’ll be burning the midnight oil on repeat for many years to come. Coffee will help. ☕ #coffee4ever Click HERE for details.

Starbucks Gift Card

Doesn’t every school have an on-site Starbucks these days? If not, one’s not too far away, and free coffee on the way to class or for when the Keurig malfunctions is always a good thing. #insurancepolicy

Photo Book

Give them a heartfelt keepsake they can bring with them to school and to help battle some inevitable bouts of homesickness. You can always find coupons for Shutterfly, and we like Mixbook, too.


A hardy piece of luggage is a must! They’ll need it for trips home and those fab spring break and weekend getaways with friends, not to mention any summer traveling. Check out our current fave HERE.  ✈ ✈ ✈


When in doubt, cold hard cash will always do the trick! If you don’t like dropping some Franklins in a card and check-writing is too vintage, give your graduate a nice generous American Express or Visa gift card so they can spend it on anything they like, from school supplies to a new tattoo (just kidding. . . hopefully).

So there you have it! Hopefully these ideas take care of the graduates on your list this year!


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