Healthy Snacks and Backpacks

Monday, September 13th, 2021

Health Snacks and Backpacks

With the school year in full swing, your kids will no doubt be craving some delicious snacks to fuel their days of work and play. To help out with your lunch prep routine, we’ve created a list of some healthy, easy-to-make snack ideas. These treats are so tasty that your little ones definitely won’t try to trade them in the lunchroom.

Delicious Dips

Cup of hummus with chickpeas next to a clove of garlic and a loaf of bread on wood with a white background

One of the best ways for your kids to enjoy their veggies is to pair them with yummy dips, which are also excellent sources of nutrition for growing bodies. Guacamole, hummus, and nut/seed butter are not only packed with vitamins and healthy fats, they are so filled with flavor that they are hard to put down.

Superior Smoothies

One green orange and purple smoothie in glasses with black straws in a line on a countertop

When it comes to smoothies, blending them at home allows you to make them extra healthy and ensure they are packed with necessary nutrients. Swapping out the morning glass of milk with a smoothie is a great way to diversify your child’s diet. The main ingredients you will need are some of your kid’s favorite fruits, veggies that will go unnoticed by their taste buds (but be appreciated by their bodies), milk or a milk substitute, and some nut/seed butter for some added protein and healthy fats. If you want to prep smoothies beforehand, try crafting these smoothie packs!

Tasty Trail Mix

Spilled glass containers of nuts dried fruits and seeds on a white background

Your kids might not be hitting the trails at school, but the energy they expend in the schoolyard is enough to warrant a bag of energy-dense, homemade trail mix. Prepping this portable snack at home is a great way to keep out the candy that usually fills the store-bought versions. We recommend including superfoods like almonds, cashews, pumpkin seeds, coconut flakes, and dried fruits. For an extra-delicious mix, you can try baking the nuts and seeds before adding them in.

Eggcellent Eating

Two brown eggs and one white speckled egg in a line resting on a pink cloth

While hard-boiled eggs may not be the first food you reach for when adding snacks to your child’s lunch bag, we encourage you to give it a try! To help ensure that your kids will love these savory, protein-rich treats, you can incorporate a tasty twist. Instead of including the traditional salt and pepper alongside their hard-boiled egg, throw in some of the recently popularized everything bagel seasoning. Hot sauce and soy sauce are also fantastic flavor companions.

With these snacks filling your child’s lunch pack, they are sure to have the energy needed for an amazing day of learning. For the perfect prep space to make these treats, check out the spacious kitchens at Whitney Ranch!


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