Healthy Eats In And Around Rocklin

Friday, January 25th, 2019

We’re a few weeks into the new year, how are your healthy living goals going so far? It’s about that time where new routines begin blossoming into habits (hopefully!) and, if you’ve changed your diet, you’re probably craving some novelty and variety. So let’s talk about one of our favorite things, food!

It’s easy to enjoy healthy meals at home because you have control over ingredients and portion sizes, but what about eating out? Restaurant and quick-service dining can be difficult for more health-conscious folks or those who are on a restricted diet due to allergies, illness, or lifestyle. But we’re here to help! These days, better choices are in abundance in both new restaurant options and healthier menu items at your favorite places. Keep those new year’s resolutions in check with these eats in and around Rocklin that taste good and are good for you!

Zest Kitchen

Zest Kitchen is a cornucopia of delights for vegans, vegetarians, and anyone who craves delicious food with minimal-to-zero processing. The prana bowl and raw nori seaweed wrap are high on our must-have list.

The Chef’s Table

There are some fabulous lighter options at the beloved Chef’s Table, like house-smoked rainbow trout salad and summer vegetable pasta.

The Healthy Habit

The Healthy Habit is a fitting name, because we can eat here for breakfast and lunch every day, seven days a week! We’re drooling over the breakfast bowl, the healthy mess scramble, and protein wrap. If you’re in a hurry, stop in and grab an acai bowl, smoothie, matcha latte, or fresh-pressed juice.

Nectar Cafe

Winner of the Best of Auburn in 2018, the Nectar Cafe is serving up creative and organic vegetarian and vegan dishes. Hello, stuffed avocados and buffalo cauliflower wings, get in our bellies now! Top it all off with a fresh-pressed juice or smoothie.

LifeCafe, Life Time Fitness

Lucky you if you’re a member of Life Time Fitness, because you get to enjoy the tasty and good-for-you fare at the LifeCafe. Choose from a collection of wholesome selections to refuel after a workout, including breakfast items, smoothies, salads, and bowls.

Four Sisters Cafe

The Four Sisters Cafe doesn’t immediately come to mind when thinking of super healthy meals, however it’s possible to make good choices from their delicious menu. Swap the potatoes for fruit, skip the fatty and sugary sauces, and steer clear of the pancakes and French toast (yes, we’re sad about missing out, too).

Pho Vegan Asian Cuisine

Satisfy your sweet, tangy, and spicy cravings at Pho Vegan Asian Cuisine. If you’re omitting or reducing sugar, you may want to take a look at the sauce ingredients before digging in, but it would be hard to pass up the Mongolian mock beef and pad Thai.

Pete’s Restaurant and Brewhouse

At first glance, this looks like your typical gut-busting bar-food menu, but after a closer look, we’re finding some healthier choices, like the Mediterranean chicken wrap, ahi and avocado salad, and pasta with chicken, feta, and pine nuts.

Mezcalito Oaxacan Cuisine

Ain’t gonna lie, it’s hard to make healthy choices at Mexican restaurants. All those tasty carbs can be a calorie-counter’s nightmare, but there are some healthier options here, including vegetarian and vegan. If you must order your favorites, your best bet is to say no to the rice and refried beans, and swap heavier sauces with delicious salsas and pico de gallo.

Lots of choices, right?! It’s possible to eat your healthy way through Rocklin without sacrificing taste and variety. Did we miss anything? Let us know your favorite places to enjoy a healthy meal on our social media!


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