Ways To Celebrate Earth Day At Home

Saturday, April 18th, 2020

The usual Earth Day community events such as park clean ups may have been cancelled, but you can still celebrate Earth Day and help out the environment from home! Here’s some ideas how:

Join a Digital Earth Day Event

This year, Earth Day events around the world are going virtual! Check out Earth Day Live for a list of presentations and discussions. Events can be sorted by type, age group, and language. 

Make an Earth Day Jar

Fill an empty jar with scraps of paper with reminders on how you can be Earth friendly, like taking shorter showers, or recycling paper. Put the jar in a central location and periodically take one out and follow its instructions. 

Plant Bee-Friendly Flowers

Break out your green thumb! Spruce up your garden with flowers that bees will love such as peonies and lavender. Planting flowers will help provide food to your local pollinators, and make your garden beautifully diverse. 

Host a Family Scavenger Hunt

Get the family involved and help them learn about how they can do their part. Challenge each family member to find three things that they can reduce use on, three things they can reuse, and three they can recycle. 

Make a Bird Feeder

Check out this quick and easy guide for creating your own bird feeder using a recycled cardboard tube! Hang it in your backyard and see how many different types of birds you can attract. 

Join the One Earth Film Fest

Take some time to learn about the environment with the One Earth Film Festival. During the week of Earth Day, they will be hosting daily films that you can screen for free, and afterwards you can participate in discussions with experts via Zoom.

Create an Earth Day Resolution

Come up with three ways you and your family can help reduce waste, and make your Earth Day Resolution. Be sure to display them so you don’t forget!

By taking the time to educate yourself and help your local environment you can help preserve the Earth for future generations. How will you help the Earth today?


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