How To Host An Outdoor Movie Night In Your Backyard

Friday, June 12th, 2020

The movie watching experience is always ten times better on a summer evening under the stars. Something about the atmosphere makes it feel like you’re part of the adventure. Create that drive-in movie feeling in your own backyard!

Step one: Set up your movie screen and projector.
This projector and movie screen combo from Amazon is a great choice because it allows you to sync your phone and connect to your TV box to stream content. If you prefer to make your own screen, check out this easy DIY tutorial that you can make from an old bedsheet.

Be sure to find a spot in your backyard that has enough room to set up your “movie theater” and has enough space for step two!

Step Two: Build a fort.

Who said movies have to be enjoyed in chairs? Grab your extra pillows and blankets and get the kids to build their dream fort! Be sure to add a couple layers of sheets on the ground in case it’s damp. Dig out the Christmas lights and string them around the top to create a magical ambience. 

Step Three: Prepare the snacks.

It’s not a movie night until you add in the candy and popcorn! Add some fun to the night with flavored popcorn. For the candy, grab some shareable-size bags sweet treats and set up a treat bar where everyone can grab some of their favorites!

For a savory option, why not go with a timeless classic and make English muffin pizzas? Everyone can build their own, so even your pickiest eater will have a good time!

For dessert, try out this delicious (and simple) s’more dip recipe! You won’t be able to resist going back for seconds!

Step Four: Pick a movie and enjoy!

We know your kids have their favorites, but why not introduce them to something new and special to you? Try showing them one of your favorite movies from when you were a kid. Take a trip down memory lane with this list of movies from It’s not Frozen, but maybe one of these will become their new favorite! 

Step Five: Repeat as needed!

You can host movie night as many times as you want this summer! Make it a Saturday night special or pair it with taco Tuesday, it’s up to you. Spend time together and make unforgettable memories with your favorite people, snacks, and movies. Happy watching!


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