Heart Healthy Activities For Kids

Wednesday, February 15th, 2017

February may be all about making hearts pitter patter with love notes and chocolates, but we found some fun activities that are all about encouraging heart healthy kiddos! If you love staying active, this will be just as fun for you as it will be for the youngsters. Check them out below and give them a go this month!

Yoga Stretches. Grown ups aren’t the only ones that need to clear their busy minds! Try out some of these fun Yoga stretches with your kids to keep them centered and stress free. Example.

Agility Ladder. This is a fun way to keep those little minds engaged and excited to try something new. Use some colored tape to create some lines on your hardwood floor and have your kids see who can run through the spaces the fastest, or any other fun games you can think of! Example

Alphabet Exercises. Make a game out of breaking a physical and mental sweat at the same time! Write out some exercises for each letter of the alphabet and put them on the floor. Mix them up so that your kiddos have to put the letters in order, and as they go have them try the exercise. They’ll have a blast! Example

Stair Ball. Here’s a fun one! All you need is a beach ball and a flight of stairs. Simply sit at the top of the stairs and whack the beach ball back and forth to the player (aka your munchkin). Try to go as long as you can without touching the ground. This will get his/her little heart pumping and the fun could last for hours! Example

Leapfrog. When we were kids ourselves, we definitely played a few rounds of leapfrog with our siblings. Show your sweeties how it’s done by inviting over some friends and having the ultimate leap frog race. The cardio will get them off the couch and moving!

Wheel of Fitness. Create a wheel out of cardboard, markers, and poster board. Write out some exercises on the wheel and gather up your kids for a game outside or in the living room. Spin to see what exercise they do next! Example

Uno Workout. Get ready to play this super healthy version of Uno! Give each color an exercise and whichever one you draw, you do that number of jumping jacks, squats, etc. Make sure to set a time limit for the game…you don’t want to spend more than an hour doing squats and push ups! Check out this example to see all of the rules.

Here’s to healthy hearts this February!


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