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Tuesday, September 10th, 2019

Little Chefs

National Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day is September 13! It’s a fun opportunity for the kids to learn their way around the kitchen and make a meal for the family while you’re anxiously watching to make sure they don’t burn the house down kicking up your feet and relaxing with a glass of wine. We’re here with some fantastic recipes so the kids have a great time and you get a great meal. And of course, all children should be supervised in the kitchen at all times and should only perform age-appropriate tasks. 


: Our Thrifty Ideas

Fruity yogurt parfaits

This is a great one for the littles because not only is it yummy, but all it involves is setting out the ingredients and spooning them into a bowl! No hot oven or stovetop required! Get the recipe HERE.

Ham, egg, and cheese rollups

If they can scramble eggs, they can master these tasty little rollups. Remind them to watch the broiler so the ham doesn’t burn! Recipe HERE

Breakfast kabobs with maple fruity dip

Breakfast on a stick? Yes please! Have the kiddos load ‘em up with all their favorite breakfast foods, like mini pancakes or waffles, fruit, or toast triangles with jam. A kabob makes everything taste better. Recipe HERE.


: Taste of Home

Chocolate chip, peanut butter, and banana sandwiches

The classic lunchbox staple gets kicked up a notch with the addition of chocolate chips, honey, and cinnamon. Serve sandwiches open faced so they can make the banana slices look nice and pretty on top. Get the recipe HERE

Pizza skewers

Again, meals on sticks can do no wrong. This recipe requires a grill, so this recipe’s definitely for older children, and parent supervision is recommended. Recipe HERE

Turkey ranch wraps

Let them fill them up with their favorite ingredients – ham, turkey, chicken, sliced or shredded cheeses – and don’t forget the veggies like lettuce, cucumber slices, and carrot matchsticks. Recipe HERE


: the kitchn

Sloppy joe sliders

The kids will have a great time making these crowd pleasers! Recipe HERE.

Black bean tacos

Perfect for shorter attention spans, these tacos can be assembled and on the table in 10 minutes or less. Use leftover chicken or beef for additional protein. Recipe HERE

Tomato butter spaghetti

Simple yet delicious, this spaghetti will let your older children practice their chopping skills. Recipe HERE


: Taste of Home

Oatmeal chocolate snack cakes

Ok, so the focus of this post is meals, but we can’t talk about kids without talking about snacks! They are, after all, a whole other food group. Most kids love to bake, especially if it’s something sweet they get to enjoy! And this one’s healthier than most, so it’s a win for the parents, too. Recipe HERE

Kiddie crunch mix

This one’s for the minis! They simply toss in all their favorite sweet and crunchy treats, mix them all up, and serve! Recipe HERE

Frozen banana cereal pops

Peel a banana, cut it in half, and skewer it with a Popsicle stick. Dip it in yogurt, roll it in cereal, and place on a sheet pan or plate to freeze! Recipe HERE

Need more inspiration?

There are lots of fantastic recipe books just for kids and families. Here are a few of our favorites:

Cook Me a Story

Once upon a kitchen. . . It’s a storybook and recipe book in one! Kids will love cooking along with their favorite classic stories with a culinary twist, like Goldilocks and the Three Pears and Plumbelina. Buy it HERE

Good Housekeeping Kids Cook!

With more than 100 recipes kids will enjoy making as they will eating, this cookbook is a must-have for your young chefs in training. Buy it HERE.

Disney: The Simple Family Cookbook

There’s a Disney cookbook too, and it’s full of recipes inspired by all our favorite characters. Buy it HERE

Show us your aspiring master chefs on September 13th! Tag your pics on our social media channels by tagging #WhitneyRanchCA and #NationalKidsTakeOverTheKitchenDay. 


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