Fun Valentines Ideas

Tuesday, February 9th, 2016

The day of love is almost here! And we have some awesome ideas to help you express that love to all of those special people in your life this Valentine’s Day:

  1. The Valentine Robot.This is a really fun Valentine’s Day treat for your kids’ classroom parties! There are different ways to put your robot together, but one way to build him is to use a juicebox as his body, an upside down pudding cup for his head, smarties for his arms, and chocolates for his feet!EXAMPLE.

  1. “Bee” My Valentine.If you want to go for cute and simple, this is the perfect way to go! Find some cute cards or design them yourself, and tie a Burt’s Bees Lip Balm onto the card with the caption, “Bee My Valentine!” Your loved ones will appreciate the cleverness and free chapstick!EXAMPLE.

  1. “Toe-Tally” Awesome Valentine.This is cute for young girls and their friends to exchange as their Valentine’s gifts! Find some pretty nail polish and tie on a little note that says, “You are a Toe-Tally Awesome Valentine! EXAMPLE.

  1. Mason Jar Valentines.Nothing says “love” like a jar full of chocolates. Get creative and decorate a mason jar, then fill it up with some sweet treats!EXAMPLE.

  1. Valentine Minion.Kids will go crazy over your Minion Twinkies! Simply glue an eye and some trousers to the Twinkie, as well as a note that says, “You’re One in a Minion!”EXAMPLE.

  1. Soda Can Candy Bouquet.A fun and bubbly way to express your adoration for loved ones is to make a Soda Can Candy Bouquet! You can get different variations of sodas and adorn them with fun treats on top! It’s sure to be a fizzy hit!EXAMPLE.

  1. “What I Love About You” Book.This is a fabulous Valentine’s craft for all ages, whether it be for your best friend, your spouse, or for your kids’ classmates! Giving someone a list of what you love about them is sure to make them warm and fuzzy inside.EXAMPLE.

  1. Cutie Valentine.If you need a last minute idea, this is quick, healthy, and delicious! Buy some Cuties and stick them in a little bag with a note attached that says “You’re a cutie!” Kids will love it and so will your friends!EXAMPLE.

We hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!


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