Fun In The Sun With Dad

Tuesday, June 16th, 2020

Did you know that Father’s Day is extra special this year? The day we take the time to celebrate Dad also happens to fall on the longest day of the year, and the first official weekend of summer! This means more hours of sunshine to hang out, play, and spend quality time with your favorite guy. Need some activity ideas? Here are our favorite ways to have some fun in the sun with Dad.

Build Your Own Giant Jenga Set

Remember how much fun you use to have playing Jenga as a kid? Why not super-size your fun with a giant Jenga set? All it takes to make one is a trip to the hardware store and some paint! Add a layer of competition with a tournament, or teams. We recommend setting up the game on the floor so that even the little ones can reach as your game grows higher and higher. Jeng

Play Frisbee Tic-Tac-Toe

Brush off your Frisbee skills with a game that requires both skill and strategy. Take an old sheet or shower curtain, make a tic-tac-toe board with some duct tape, grab a Frisbee, and voila! Play in your backyard, or take a walk to one of the beautiful parks at Whitney Ranch and set up a game there.TicTacToe

Design a Cardboard Fort

Do you have a collection of cardboard boxes from your online shopping sprees? Why not put them to good use and build an epic cardboard fort? Work with your kids to design an awesome pretend city, or a castle! Spend the day pretending to be knights or superheroes, the only limit is your imagination.Fort

Plan a Bike Ride and Picnic

Pack up Dad’s favorite lunch, and go on a little wilderness adventure with a bike ride through Whitney Ranch’s trails and then enjoy an outdoor picnic! Be sure to bring some water and maybe a ball or Frisbee to play catch after lunch. Not sure what to pack? Check out this list of easy and tasty picnic recipes.Bike Ride

Throw a Pop Party

Stay cool and enjoy a bit of pun humor! Make some of these tasty Popsicles and let Pop know why he’s number one with fun decor. Bonus points if you use Popsicle molds that match his interests like these Star Wars molds.

This year, you may not be able to take Dad on a trip, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a way to show him how awesome he is! We hope you have an amazing Father’s Day this year full of fun, laughter, and memories.


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