Freshen Up On These Summer Safety Tips

Wednesday, July 8th, 2020

Are you and your family gearing up for all the summertime activities on your calendar? There is still so much to be excited for this summer. With backyard BBQs, family movie nights, and pool days, the fun is just awaiting you! With all of these activities comes an opportunity to teach your children about the dangers of summer and how to stay safe while doing all of their favorite hobbies. From water safety to internet safety, check out these summer safety tips so you and your loved ones have the most fun and most safe summer yet!

Water Safety

Water Safety

The best part of summer is what? Swimming! Swimming is essential for a summer full of fun and should definitely be prefaced with a safe swimming lesson. Once the kids have the bathing suits on and are goggled up, have them circle around the pool so you can discuss all of the safety tips. Remind them to have a swimming buddy, don’t be aggressive in the pool, get in the water feet first, and to walk, not run when out of the water. For parents, always watch your kids when they are swimming and remind them to never get in the pool if left home alone. 

Additionally, never leave a toddler unattended in the bathtub, as it only takes two inches of water for a toddler to drown. Did you know that drowning is the #1 killer of children ages one to four? Be safe, and not sorry, this summer and use proper water safety

Dress Appropriately


Especially for the kids that you still dress or cannot speak, dress them in light-colored, loose-fitting clothing. This will ensure they do not overheat when going on errands or playing outside. Dark colors conduct more heat and can make their body temperatures rise. Plus, it’s summer! Who doesn’t want to dress in light, cool clothes?

Sprays and Lotions


Do you have a family camping trip planned? Insects come out to bite during the summer, and getting a good insect repellent will be crucial to staying bug-bite-free. And of course, sunscreen will be essential for all summer plans. Grab your kids an SPF higher than 30 for ultimate sun protection and don’t forget to reapply throughout the day! 

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!


As the temperature is rising, keep the kids hydrated. Use flavored waters such as Mio, lemonade flavor packets, sparkling water, and fruit-infused water to keep the kids drinking more water than they even know! Dehydration can lead to heat exhaustion and, if exposed to sun, heat poisoning. Keep the kids drinking before, during, and after all recreational activities and throughout the day for a hydrated and cool summer. 

Kitchen Safety


If your children are old enough, refresh their memory with all of the top kitchen safety tips! Remind them about kitchen fire safety, including the different types of fires, how they can occur, and how to extinguish different fires. Be sure to touch on grease fires, as they are very common in home kitchens and cannot be extinguished with water. Refresh your kids on microwave usage, any knife skills (if applicable), and how to properly use the blender for summer smoothies. Pro tip: This is also a great opportunity to teach them how to wash the blender, too. 😉

Online Safety


When summertime comes around, we know the kids are going to be spending time online to pass the time. It is important to remind your kids of the dangers of the internet, and to never give out any personal information to anyone. Remind them to ask before they download any files and to tell you immediately if they see anything bad online. Incorporate lessons about cyber bullying and how it is never okay to be rude to others online. The internet can be a great tool for education, connecting with friends, and games but should come with a lesson in internet safety to ensure your kids have a worry-free internet summer!

We hope you take our tips – and do more research on summer safety yourself. For more information, the CDC offers a guide to Safe Summer for Kids on their website. Whether your kids know it or not, they will eventually appreciate the time you took to teach them how to stay safe during their summer fun. Have a great week everyone – now go get some sunscreen! ☀️


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