Diy Halloween Decor Treats

Monday, October 2nd, 2017

It’s October, and that means Halloween is just around the corner! What sorts of ghoulish ideas do you have planned this year? Costume parties and prepping for trick-or-treaters all mean gearing up for another year of hauntingly good fun. Read on for some tips on DIY decor and party prep!

Fun Food!

All the best gatherings include bloody good snacks and treats! If you’re throwing a spirited get-together this year, consider preparing some of these simple hors d’oeuvres. They’re just as fun to make as they are to eat!

Mummy Weenies

Hot dogs are always a hit. Mix up the presentation this time by wrapping full size (or mini weenie size) dogs in plain Pillsbury crescent dough. Leave some open space at the top to dollop on the eyes with some ketchup or mustard. More details HERE.

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Fruity Frights

Throw in some healthy snack options for your hungry guests with this fabulous fruit plate! Start with bananas, some chocolate chips, a sack of tangerines, and some celery sticks. Cut each banana in half and press three chips into the top end to form a ghostly face. For the citrus, peel each tangerine and set aside. Dice the celery thin enough to pierce through each tangerine to form an edible little stem. Adorably delicious! More details HERE.

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Ghoulish Grins

Greet guests with a smile with these fun munchies. Cut apples into even wedge-shaped slices. Pair them all up and sandwich a spoonful of peanut butter between the wedges. Nutella or any other sweet or savory spread also works! Break out the candy corn or mini marshmallows to fill in the teeth on these monster smilers. More details HERE.

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Easy DIY Decor!

Give your guests and trick-or-treaters a proper ghostly greeting with some of these easy yard decorations.

Floating Souls

Fill up plain white balloons and hang them up. Wrap each balloon in white gauze material (available in many retail stores) and secure with glue or string. Finish by adding oval cutouts of craft felt to create a face on each balloon ghost. Find it HERE.

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Lantern Lights

Light the way to your spooky abode with some easy-to-make ground lanterns. Wrap mason jars, empty milk jugs, white paper bags, or carved white pumpkins with white gauze materials. Place an LED candle light in each holder and spread them out along your driveway, porch railing, or garden path! More details HERE.

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Spooky Eyes

Keep an eye on things with some spooky eyes to gaze upon your guests. Begin with empty paper towel rolls and cut out two circular or rectangular shapes from each one. Place one glow stick in each roll and place them within the branches of your shrubberies for a spine tingling effect! More details HERE.

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Whatever your plans this Halloween, be sure to make it fun for yourself and your guests. Share your decor success with us on our social media channels!


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