At Home Summer Camp Ideas

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2020

Exhale. The official start of summer in the Northern Hemisphere was Saturday and there’s a new energy in the air. We don’t know about you, but we have been looking forward to warmer days, backyard barbecues, and outdoor movie nights. The kids are home from school, and with summer camps postponed, we know that this might be the first year they are going to miss out on their traditional summer camp fun. 

But who says you can’t bring the summer camp to them? With no chance of sleep-away summer camp, try these activities to give your kids the summer camp they deserve right there at home.


Arts and Crafts


What would camp be without arts and crafts? Depending on how messy you’re willing to get, grab the baking soda and vinegar, and make paper mache volcanoes. Grab some string and beads for friendship bracelets, paint bird feeders and watch the birds flock to your yard, or tye-dye some shirts. Arts and crafts keep the kids busy all afternoon and using their creative brains to do so. 

Pillow Fort 

Pillow forts are always a memorable activity for the kids, and only require materials you already have at home. Bring out the extra blankets and let the kids make a fort for movie watching, video game playing, or coloring. 

Chore Scavenger Hunt


This one might seem evil, but hear us out. Write a list of clues to complete chores for each of your kids, and tell them the chore scavenger hunt is about to begin.The first to figure out the clues and complete all of their chores is the winner! Don’t be afraid to use incentives to add extra speediness to their hunt. 

Science Experiments

There’s never a wrong time to tie in some education to your child’s at-home summer camp experience. Amazon carries many caterpillars-to-butterfly kits, grow-your-own geode kits, and plant-your-own garden kits. Talk to your kids about sustainability and how easy it is to grow your own food in a home garden.

Field Day


Take advantage of the warm summer days beating down on Whitney Ranch by hosting your own backyard field day. This is the perfect opportunity for relay races with the sprinklers on, swimming pool competitions, the water balloon blanket toss, cup stack relays, and more. Make a scoreboard, cut up some watermelon, and let the games begin!


Campfires are the ideal way to end a day of camp. Incorporate food into your campfire by grilling potatoes, hotdogs and of course, s’mores. Campfires are also the spot for sharing ghost stories, singing songs, and playing games. If you don’t know two truths and a lie, one-word story, and telephone, ask your kids. They’ll probably know!

Talent Show

It wouldn’t be an at-home summer camp without a winner-takes-all talent show! Tell your kids they have the afternoon to prepare their best talent. They can use instruments, karaoke tracks, and costumes, with more points going to the most innovative talent. Ask Grandma and Grandpa to be the judge and you have yourself a grand talent showcase.


Bring the summer camp to your home this summer! Try out these activities, and let us know how your kids enjoyed camp. And remember, the more creative and silly you get, the longer the memories are going to last. Happy summer everyone!


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