8 Thoughtful Things To Do For Dad On Father’s Day

Thursday, June 6th, 2019

Dad’s always there for us and helps us get through life’s challenges both big and small. Show him how much you care this Father’s Day with some sweet and kind things you can do that he’ll appreciate.

Make him breakfast

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Start his day off right with a delicious breakfast full of his favorite foods (hello, bacon)! And dad’s like breakfast in bed, too, so put it on a tray along with some coffee and surprise him! Whip up some pancakes that he loves (or this great recipe HERE), a fantastic breakfast casserole like this one HERE, or this delish breakfast pizza HERE.

Give him his favorite snack no matter how terrible

Buy or make his favorite snack, even if it’s basically a heart attack on a plate. An entire bag of cheese puffs, Doritos, a can of spray cheese, pork rinds – nothing’s off limits here.

Bestow him with remote ‘control’

No battles over who watches what on TV, Dad reigns supreme over the remote on Father’s Day. And if that means baseball or golf for most of the day, then that means baseball or golf most of the day. #dealwithit

Do ‘Dad’ chores

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Take over his duties for the day, from washing the car and mowing the lawn to taking out the trash, do it all for Dad because he’s been doing it all for years and deserves a break.  

Let the man sleep!

Give him the gift all parents want, a nap! Seriously, when was the last time Dad slept during the day, aside from nodding off on the couch while Frozen plays for the 100th time? Send him to his room for a siesta while you prepare his favorite meal or treat.

Take it outside

 Enjoy some family time in the yard or at the park. Kick or bat a ball around, start or join a pick-up game, or take it easy over some fun lawn games like cornhole, horseshoes, or croquet.                                                   Father’s Day craft

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Don’t forget to help the kids figure out a great craft to make for Dad! From cute cards and ‘best dad’ awards to photo keepsakes and gift vouchers for chores, let them surprise him with some homemade lovelies that are personal and sweet. We like a bunch from HERE and HERE.

 Let him pick the family outing

It’s Dad’s choice on what to do and where to go, whether it’s a hike or bike ride, lunch at his favorite greasy spoon restaurant, test driving cars, or eating bacon. It’s his day, so he makes all the rules!

Have a fun and relaxing Father’s Day!



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