7 Ways To Catch A Leprechaun

Friday, March 10th, 2017

It’s that time of year when pesky leprechauns stop by Whitney Ranch to cause some mischief…or, better known as parents having a little fun with their kids on St. Patrick’s Day. If you’re looking to play some friendly pranks on your wee babes this year, try some of the “golden” shenanigans we dug up below!

Green Shoe Laces. Leprechauns sure love to cause trouble, and what better way to get in some giggles on St. Paddy’s Day than with a switch-a-roo of shoelaces! Simply find some green laces, yarn, ribbon, etc., and make the switch for the kids to find in the morning.

Letter from a Leprechaun. For parents who love to get creative, type up a letter from a little trickster that stopped by to leave some gold (chocolate coins). The letter can be a fun poem, or just something silly. Either way, your kids will love it! Example

Message on a Mirror. This one is easy peasy, but will leave your kids giddy. Simply take a green marker and write a cute message on their bathroom mirror. Draw some four leaf clovers or some little foot prints, whatever tickles your funny bone.

Lost Leprechaun Pants! What’s funnier than someone losing their pants? When those pants are teeny tiny and found in the most unexpected places! Create a cute little pair of leprechaun long-johns using some sparkly green fabric, then leave them in a hilarious spot for your kids to find on St. Paddy’s Day. Example

Leprechaun Trap Cake. This is one delicious trap that might be too beautiful to eat! For bakers who love to go the extra mile, this St. Paddy’s prank is just for you. Grab a bundt cake mold so that there’s a hole in the middle of your cake. You’ll need rainbow colors for the inside, and green frosting for the outside. Cover the the hole (trap) with pretzel sticks, then cover the trap with gold coins on top to lure your leprechaun thief! Get the recipe HERE.

Leprechaun Potty Break. Sometimes leprechauns have to take a bathroom break in the midst of all that misbehaving. Leave your kiddos a silly surprise by putting green footprints on the toilet bowl, then create the illusion of a tinkle with a sprinkle of green food coloring. Example

Set Up a Trap, Leave Some Gold. Make an old fashioned trap out of household objects to capture the little green buggers. In the morning, set the scene as if the trap was used and the leprechaun escaped using a cute little note and pot of gold! (Rollos). Example

We hope your St. Patrick’s Day is filled with laughs, golden treats, and plenty of rainbows!


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