7 Tips For An Unforgettable New Year’s Eve Party

Friday, December 6th, 2019

Skip the crowds, overpriced menus, and weak drinks this New Year’s Eve and host a fun house party that will keep your friends reminiscing into 2020! We’re sharing our top tips for stress-free planning so you can enjoy your NYE as much as your guests!

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Set the Mood

It’s a NYE party, so it’s good vibes only. Create the kind of ambiance that makes people comfortable yet encourages them to mingle and have a great time. Think warm, soft lighting from candles and a cozy fireplace as well as designated appetizer and beverage stations located throughout the house to encourage guests to move around. Beverage carts are a great option because they invite friends to serve themselves and take the pressure off of you to be bartender all night. Don’t forget to provide plenty of seating and high and low tables for plates and cups. 

Pick a Theme


Plan your party around a theme and ask your guests to get into character! Black tie, 1970s disco (or other decade), Old Hollywood, big band, masquerade…get creative! A themed party will also help guide you in decor selections, too. Get more theme ideas HERE and HERE

All About the Food

: Delish

Like any well-planned party, the food’s gotta be good and event appropriate. The menu should include a selection of savory and sweet bites. It’s a New Year’s party and people will be drinking, so be sure to offer some hearty fare. Cocktail party guidelines apply here, so try to prepare bites that can easily be held and eaten in one hand (‘cause they’ll be holding a beverage in the other! ). Get some NYE menus HERE and HERE.

Plan Plenty of Activities

Because most guests will want to stay until midnight, New Year’s Eve parties are longer affairs so it’s important to give your guests things to do! Think group games that will keep your guests talking and laughing, like NYE charades, Cards Against Humanity, and minute-to-win-it challenges. As it gets closer to midnight, pass out a set of THESE New Year’s playing cards, have your friends place them into a bowl, and have everyone guess who said what. 

Pick Your Playlist

Match your music to your party’s mood. It’s even easier if you have a theme! A quick search on iTunes, Google Music, or Spotify will give you hundreds of options for creating the perfect party playlist. 

Set Up a DIY Photo Booth or Wall

Instagram it or it didn’t happen! Help friends make memories with a fun decorated backdrop for taking selfies and group photos. Props are a must! Get some ideas HERE and HERE.

Help Your Guests Drink Responsibly

Prepare ahead of time to be sure everyone gets home safely. Coordinate designed drivers ahead of time, help friends call an Uber, Lyft, or taxi, and have your guest room tidy and some extra pillows and blankets if a few guests stay the night.

Have a fabulous and safe New Year’s!


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