6 Steps For Creating The Perfect Backyard Relay Race

Monday, September 28th, 2020

Your backyard has probably been used more than ever this summer! With physical distancing and working from home, your backyard is the best place to run around with the kids, have a patio dinner, or enjoy morning coffee. This week, we are coming at you with a new way to utilize the backyard before the warm summer afternoons say goodbye. Capture the last moments of summer with a backyard relay race for the whole family! A good old-fashioned relay race brings a sense of healthy competition to the table and is a safe activity the entire family can participate in.

Let’s walk through the games to play and how to get set up, and you’ll be ready to roll!

Step One: Choose your games and purchase the materials. 

This article outlines 12 run relay games for the backyard, such as beach ball relay, water bucket relay, popcorn relay race, and more! This article breaks down some of the best Minute to Win It games that can be incorporated into the afternoon. For these games, make sure you have a timer or your phone to see who completes the task in under 60 seconds. Create a scoreboard that you can hang on the wall outside to keep track of points, and the preparation is almost complete! Pro tip: Create a shopping list of all of the materials before you hit the store so you aren’t forgetting anything the day of the big games!

Hula Hoop

Step Two: Choose teams and coordinate matching outfits!

Once you have all of the players committed to playing the games, conduct a schoolyard pick for teams or pick randomly out of a hat. From here, you can color coordinate outfits to add that extra level of team spirit and make for even more adorable pictures!

Matching Outfits

Step Three: Set up games. 

The morning of the games, you will want to have all of the buckets, water balloons, and any other materials you need gathered and prepared. Hang your score board and start stretching…it’s almost game time!

Step Four: Provide the proper refreshments for fuel.

Any backyard competition wouldn’t be complete without some pre- or mid-game fuel! Light up the barbecue or make it simple with some cold cut deli-style sandwiches. Bring out the lemonade and the kids will be ready to play. 


Step Five: Let the games begin!

Hold an opening ceremony with fanfare music playing on a speaker and let each team introduce their team name. Get the teams lined up and count down for the first relay! Make sure to throw on some fun family-friendly party music from one of the playlists from last week’s blog post.

Step Six: Crown a winner!

Pick up a small prize for the champions, or just let them have first dibs on dessert! You’ve done it! Your backyard has been turned into the competition grounds for the ultimate Whitney Ranch backyard relay race.

We hope you can squeeze just a little bit more fun out of the warmer days and add another fun activity to your weekends at home. Have a great relay race, Whitney Ranch families! We hope it’s a close match.


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