Spring Cleaning Your Home

Tuesday, April 10th, 2018

It’s that time of year again! Head to the closet, garage, or pantry for that annual clean-out and tidy-up. Still feeling cramped even after you’ve scaled things down? Read on for some easy organizing tips to use throughout your home!

Bedroom Storage by ApartmentTherapy.com

  • Maximize your home storage areas, even under your bed! If buying a storage bed is not in the budget, consider keeping some storage containers under there with a nice bed skirt to shield the view.
  • Drawer dividers and proper folding can seemingly increase your dresser space like magic! Also, consider vacuum packing clothing that’s out of season or bed sheets that might take up excess space.
  • When looking into furniture, focus on pieces that can multitask, like bedside tables with drawers and floating shelves/drawers.

Kitchen & Pantry Storage by HGTV.com

  • Stackable containers allow you to fit snacks and ingredients more easily by storing up rather than out. Clear containers also make it easy to identify what you’re looking for.
  • Portable storage setups used by the commercial cooking industry can do wonders for your pantry storage space! Adjustable shelves allow for easy space changes as needed.
  • Those good old-fashioned pocket organizers will never go out of style! They’re great for the pantry, bedroom, or anywhere else.

Bathroom Storage by HGTV.com

  • Medicine cabinets do double duty in your bathroom! A suitable vanity mirror opens up for added storage right on the wall.
  • Consider adding built-in shelving to dead wall space in your bathroom. This will maximize the use of your overall space!
  • If you’ve got a smaller bathroom space, adding cabinets and shelving can make the space seem even smaller. Take advantage of hanging storage solutions for hand towels, sponges, and more!

 by FamilyHanyman.com

  • Wire shelving and baskets allow you to hang and store items on your garage walls and easily see the contents within!
  • DIY storage bin towers not only allow easy access to those bottom bins, but they also provide extra hooks and shelf storage on the sides!
  • Long-handled tool racks make storing rakes, brooms, and other gardening tools a breeze while maximizing the use of your garage walls!

Now that you’re a storage space expert, it’s “Heigh-Ho, and off to work you go!”


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