Moving Tips

Friday, January 22nd, 2016

Are you getting ready to move into a new home? We know there’s so much to organize and figure out when packing up your entire life, and it can be stressful trying to get all the pieces together. Don’t worry! We have a few tips to help make your move a little easier:

  1. Pack Your Essentials Separately. Keep your daily essentials and clothes you’ll think you’ll wear in a separate bag or box! That way you won’t have to go digging for anything vital that you might need.

  1. Box Labels. When labeling what’s in each of your boxes, include which room they belong in. This can help with the unpacking process for movers or yourselves, as well as keeping things organized and in their proper place.

  1. Take Photos of Your Electronics. What’s worse than taking things apart? Putting them back together! Especially when you’re trying to set up all of your electronic devices. Take pictures of how all of your cords are plugged in, that way setting everything back up won’t be a frustrating hassle.

  1. Put Your Clothes in Garbage Bags. Instead of stuffing all of your clothes into a suitcase or into moving boxes and spending hours hanging everything back up, keep your clothes on their hangers and slip them into garbage bags. When it comes time to unpack, putting your clothes away will take no time at all!

  1. Keep Your Pets Relaxed. Pets can definitely sense when change is going on at home, and having people come in and move furniture can make them nervous and stressed. Have a friend take your dog to the park, or keep your cat company to help keep their nerves at bay.

  1. Space Fillers. Take any stuffed animals, sheets, pillows, sweaters, etc. and use them to fill any empty space in the moving truck. This will add extra padding for all of the delicate items and help to avoid any damage to your possessions!

  1. Put Heavy Items in Rolly Luggage. Rolly suitcases are perfect for transporting heavy stuff, especially if you have a lot of books! This is much more efficient than lugging them around in a big box or crate. You’ll be much happier and it will save you a giant backache!

  1. Cover Your Mattress with Two Fitted Sheets. The thought of sleeping in a bed that isn’t clean is enough to keep us up all night, and moving your mattress can definitely cause it to pick up dust and grime along the way. Sandwich your mattress in between two old, fitted bed sheets! It’s the perfect protective shield and will keep it clean all the way to your destination.

We wish you a happy and stress-free moving day!


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