6 Reasons To Buy A Brand New Home

Sunday, May 12th, 2019

You’ve decided the time is right to buy a home. Congratulations! That’s a big first step. Now you may be wondering if you should purchase a brand-new home or a resale home. We’re biased (obvs!) for so many reasons – we’ll walk through a few of them with you.

No one’s ever lived in it

There’s nothing like the feeling of stepping over the threshold of a new home knowing you’ll be the first (and possibly the only) family to live in it. Everything is brand new, fresh, and a blank canvas just waiting for your personal stamp of style. You also don’t have to worry about repainting, taking down ugly window treatments, and mysterious odors and stains.

The latest and greatest

In a new home you’ll be able to enjoy and benefit from the latest energy-efficient building products and appliances, safety features, and technologies. Think solar panels, tankless water heaters, smart home technology, upgraded plumbing, charging stations, and more. Some of these things come standard nowadays in a new home, or can be upgraded by your builder so it’s exactly how you want it at move-in.

Less maintenance

Homebuilders use the newest building products, which means less time for you on maintenance and repairs and way more time simply enjoying your new home! When purchasing a resale home, you never really know what immediate repairs and maintenance are going to come up, even after the inspection. There’s nothing quite like spending your nest egg on a home then having to divert your Hawaiian vacation fund to a costly repair soon after (newsflash: no fun at all). Homebuilders are also meeting or exceeding the latest building codes and standards, which means a better built and safer home for you and your family.

Community amenities

You can buy into a fantastic planned community with amazing perks and amenities. I mean, have you SEEN Whitney Ranch? It’s staycation central, from the sparkling pool and many activities at The Ranch House, to the fantastic parks, trails, and open space. Homebuilders are designing new home communities to include the things that matter most to today’s families so it’s all convenient and close by (many times within walking and biking distance!).

Ability to customize

In a new home, you get to pick out what you love so it looks exactly the way you want it at move-in. Countertops, cabinets, flooring, paint – it’s all YOU (And the design center appointment? Super fun!). Want to turn that home office into a fourth bedroom? No prob! The convenience of a one-stop shop shouldn’t be underestimated, either. When buying a resale home, you’ll probably want to have some renovations done to make it your own, which means finding and hiring reputable trades, coordinating the job(s), taking time off work, etc. Who wants that headache amiright?

Home warranty

New homes come with a warranty covering materials and workmanship anywhere from two to ten years (some builders offer more than ten years!). You get the assurance and relief of being covered in the case of structural defects during the coverage period. This is not to be confused with a resale home warranty that many buyers purchase to cover appliances and household systems like electrical and HVAC. These resale warranties DO NOT cover structural issues, so you’re on the hook for them if something comes up.

Still on the fence? Still have questions? We’re here to help! We’ve worked with many families just like yours who are trying to find the right fit. Give us a call or pay us a visit at the Information Center!


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