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Monday, July 25th, 2016

Have you ever wanted to get into running, but felt it was too difficult? Or you lacked the motivation to start trying? The Rocklin Road Runners is one of our many established clubs with the best support team to help you find your love of lacing up your shoes and hitting the pavement. Kelly Davenport, who runs the Road Runners’ Facebook page, gave us the inside scoop.

How did the Rocklin Road Runners Club start and how long has the club existed?  

The group started in 2010, with a New Year’s Eve resolution to return to running. With a desire to do so with the camaraderie of friends and neighbors, an online group was founded.  Our first group event was the Urban Cow Half-Marathon in 2011.  Since then, we’ve had representation annually in Sacramento’s Shamrock’n, Urban Cow, CIM, Run Rocklin, and many other local events. The group has also sent teams to Ragnar Napa in 2012 and 2013, as well as the Healdsburg Half in 2014, and Nike Women’s Half Marathon in 2015.

How often does your club meet during the week?

We meet monthly for a fun and social game night. Our meetings during the week are training dependent.  When we have an event coming up, we produce a general training schedule, and offer opportunities to meet for long runs during the week, or on the weekend.  Now that many of our once younger children are heavily involved in sports and activity schedules, we’ve learned to be very flexible.

What does a typical meetup consist of?  

Could be a game night, training run, movie night, etc. We love our runs, but we definitely enjoy social time off the road or trail.

Are there any big events you host?  

We host social events within Whitney Ranch that correspond to our training and race schedule.  (We don’t host a race, for instance, or anything ‘big’).

What kind of races do you typically train for?

We have members training for 5Ks, 50 mile races, and everything in between! The mainstay distance of the group is the half-marathon, with many members participating annually in Shamrock’n or Urban Cow in Sacramento.

What can beginners who are looking to join expect to get out of the club, and do you have any recommendations for how they should prepare before they join?   

Beginners are welcome! We are a very welcoming and social group, and there are many amazing mentor runners happy to lend support and advice.  We are a diverse group comprised of some extremely talented and experienced runners, and many runners and walkers that seek to workout/train when their work/family/kids’ fluid schedules allow. There is a buddy for everyone within our group, and we would encourage any beginners to please join us! No preparation is necessary! The only recommendation would be to visit a local technical running shoe outfitter for proper running/walking footwear; Rocklin Endurance Sports or Fleet Feet are fabulous options!

What distinguishes the Rocklin Road Runners from other running groups in the area?

We are so fortunate to have so many wonderful running groups locally. The one thing that distinguishes us is our direct affiliation with Whitney Ranch. While we welcome and have several members outside of our small community, we are pleased to offer members a way to meet neighbors with a love of running and fitness. It’s been wonderful to see so many friendships formed from the catalyst of running, but the friendship spans much more in terms of community and our neighborhood village.

How can other Whitney Ranch Residents join in on the fun?  

We welcome all new and prospective members by simply joining Rocklin Road Runners on Facebook.

See what current members had to say about becoming a Rocklin Road Runner!

“One of my favorite things about our group is our diversity. The group is made of all ages, stages, and running abilities with the simple goal of supporting each other. I have honestly enjoyed every race I have run with RRR. I love the conversations in the car on the way to a race, hobbling into restaurants together afterwards to celebrate, and the fact that we are always planning our next event. We have done some fun races along the way.”  ~ Sarah Counter

‘I joined the Rocklin Road Runners in the fall of 2011. I had recently moved to Whitney Ranch and had my third baby and was looking for a way to meet new friends and get back into shape after my pregnancy. I would join group runs when I could, and I quickly met many new friends. One of my favorite memories is running the Shamrock’n Half Marathon with so many group members, cheering everyone on as they crossed the finish line, hanging out in the beer garden, and then meeting up for brunch afterwards.’ ~ Kim Rogowski

‘I enjoy the group for several reasons:

(1) Opportunities to meet and train with other runners in the neighborhood.  It is fun seeing other members out on training runs and at local races. (2) The group does several events together during the year, but I enjoy the Shamrock’n half marathon the most. (3) The group is primarily women and it is wonderful to have a variety of strong and positive female role models for my three girls to see as they grow up. (4) The group provides great support and praise for new and experienced runners.’ ~ Brian Sauer


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