Outdoor Quarantine Activities

Sunday, May 17th, 2020

The weather is getting warmer, and we’re sure your family is itching to go play outside. Social distancing may still be in effect, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take some time to enjoy the sunshine! Here’s a list of kid and social distancing-approved activities your family can get out and do today!

Have a Family Picnic

Enjoy one of Whitney Ranch’s many parks with an outdoor picnic. Pack up some sandwiches, one of our summer drink recipes, a blanket, and enjoy a lunch in the sun! Make a day of it with some card games like Uno and Go Fish. 

Go on a Scavenger Hunt

Go on an adventure! Take a day trip through the community and our trails with the kiddos and try to complete this scavenger hunt. Be sure to have a prize for the first person to find all of the items!

Play Bocce Ball

A classic game that’s been around for generations, bocce ball is a great backyard activity for all ages. Never played before? Here are the rules. If you want to make things more interesting, host a family tournament where different teams play each other a day!

Let Your Inner Artist Out

Who doesn’t love spending the day outside and drawing with chalk? Invite your neighbors to design their own masterpieces and create an outdoor gallery that everyone can enjoy! Need some drawing inspiration? Here’s a list of drawing prompts to get you started.

Start a Garden

Get the kids interested in gardening and have them start their own garden! Check out this list of kid-friendly plants that are easy to maintain, and produce beautiful flowers and vegetables.

We know that staying inside these past few weeks has been tough, but together we will get through this! With a community as beautiful as ours, we want to be able to safely take the time to appreciate it (and have fun with the kids). Has your family been doing other fun outdoor activities? Let us know in our social media posts!



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