Keep the Spring Cheer Going

Tuesday, May 17th, 2022

Spring is in full swing, but before we know it, we’ll be putting on our swimsuits and jumping in the pool. With summer only a month away, it’s time to seize your opportunities to enjoy this beautiful season—and if you live in Whitney Ranch, there are plenty of ways to do so! Get ready to immerse yourself in nature and get into the spring spirit.

Pink cherry blossoms sway in the wind

Join a Community Garden

An array of vegetables sit in bowls

A community garden is the perfect place to connect with nature and make new friends. Get your hands dirty and bring more beauty into the world by planting flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Share what you’ve grown with your community, and make delicious meals for family and friends with your freshly-picked ingredients.

Get Inspired By Nature

A golden sun rises on the horizon of a beach

Nature offers the ultimate inspiration for enjoying more creative pursuits! Weave in Whitney Ranch sunsets and sunrises into your process and write a poem about how they make you feel. Replicate the beauty of the scene on a canvas using your favorite paints. Snap a few shots of the colorful sky for your gallery wall at home!

Go Bird Watching

A blue jay sits on a small twig

Head to the wilderness, so you can spend the day looking at the birds! Pack your binoculars, a sketchbook, and a guidebook. Challenge yourself to find rare species. Write down your observations. TIP: If you’re with friends, play a game in which whoever spots the greatest variety of birds wins!

Break Out That Tent

A tent sits in front of a lake, a mountain, and some trees

You probably have a tent squirreled away somewhere in your garage. Now’s the perfect time to break it out and head to the mountains. Set up camp near the water and spend your days hiking through the forest, kayaking on the lake, and living off the earth.

Watch a Documentary, Then Make Your Own

Learn about nature and our planet right from the comfort of your own home! Just open up your favorite streaming platform, and you’ll find a plethora of nature documentaries. Afterwards, dive into nature more directly by checking out the trails and parks around Whitney Ranch. Work on your influencer skills and show off our wonderful lifestyle on Reels and Tiktok! Don’t forget to use hashtag #WhitneyRanchLife.

The planet does so much for us, and it’s time for us to return the favor. Whether your spending more time with Mother Nature or becoming more informed, there are so many ways to connect with the great outdoors all year round at Whitey Ranch!


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