Channel Your Inner Mother Nature

Tuesday, April 5th, 2022

channel your inner mother nature

Television, social media, and mobile-game apps are fun ways to spend your time. However, when screen time becomes a regular routine, it’s easy to get bored. The shows are no longer interesting, the posts are superficial, and the games just don’t offer the same mental simulation they once did. Though we won’t throw away our technology, it is important to shake things up a little bit, and what better way than to step outside, take a deep breath, and enjoy what the earth has to offer? In and around Whitney Ranch, there are plenty of ways to immerse yourself in nature. Here are some of our favorites!

A gorgeous river valley with picturesque views of the surrounding mountains

Enjoy a Picnic With Your Family

A family of five walk together through green grass

At Whitney Ranch, there are several amazing parks that your family will love. Create a picnic together, lay on a soft blanket, and enjoy the fresh air and each other’s company. After lunch, gaze at the sky and watch the clouds roll by, as you point out all the shapes and characters you see. Whoever finds the most cloud impersonations is the winner!

Give Your Legs a Good Exercise

A backpacked person walks through a lush and green forest

One of the best places to enjoy nature is by taking a scenic walk through the trails of Rocklin. We recommend the Foothills Trail near Whitney Oaks! Not only will you get some good exercise, you’ll also find several granite boulder formations that are actually millions of years old! Keep a look out for what appears to be a bone on one of the rocks, and imagine what long-extinct animal it has come from.

Get Your Hands Dirty

A pair of hands digs into soil, as plants sprout around them

There’s no better way to channel your inner Mother Nature than by bringing new life into the world. Start a garden, whether you’re working in your own backyard or building one within your community. By planting flowers, vegetables, and fruits, you can add a little more beauty to your life while providing your family with a healthier way of living.

Hang Out With Animals

A green hummingbird flies against a blurry, green backdrop

Located about fifteen minutes from Whitney Ranch is the Traylor Ranch Nature Reserve and Bird Sanctuary. Take the whole family and spend a few hours at this beautiful spot, where you can take in fresh air, watch the many animals roaming around, and even pick blackberries when they’re in season. It’s the perfect opportunity to get the kids away from screens and see just how lovely the world can be.

At Whitney Ranch, celebrating the outdoors is far easier than you might think! Grab your friends and family and see what Mother Nature has to offer.


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