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Make it Yours! DIY Tips for Every Space





The best part about moving into your brand-new home is making it your own! Every spacious floorplan in our community is the PERFECT canvas to let your personality shine with these clever DIY projects that will enhance your home and make the most of your space.





Knives Out

Show off your culinary toys and keep them within reach with magnetic storage! Check out this DIY guide to create your own magnetic knife rack that would go well with any home style.

DIY Wooden Magnetic Knife Rack


Speaking of magnets—keep your favorite spices easily accessible with these awesome storage tins that can live on the side of your fridge!

Magnetic Spice Tins


#Shelfie Goals

This project will take some elbow grease, but the result is worth it! Take advantage of the vertical space on your staircase to create a custom bookshelf. Here’s a simple guide with inspiration pics to get you started.

Staircase with wooden cubbies on the adjacent wall


Seated Storage

Give the kids a place to put their toys and add additional seating to your patio space! This clever storage bench is both adorable and relatively cheap to make. All you need to create your outdoor oasis is a deck box, cushions, and a curtain rod. This guide from PopSugar.com breaks it down for you.

Deck box with cushions and pillows


Get a Hand From Legos

Give the kids a fun way to keep their desks organized with Legos! Just add a bit of glue to their character of choice and they’ll be ready to give a hand and hold their charging cables when they aren’t in use.

Lego figurines holding cables


Bedside Minimalism

Want to keep your essentials close and your bed space clutter-free? Use picture ledges to create a minimalist nightstand to hold your must-haves!

picture ledge with items next to a bed


Bathroom Shelving Made Easy

Keep your counters clear and your walls personalized by adding shelves into your bathroom! Check out this guide from Sugru to learn how you can add some volume to your space without drilling into your tile.

Grey bathroom with shelves


We know you’re excited to move into your brand-new home at Whitney Ranch, and we can’t wait to see how you personalize your space to make it your own! Do you have a DIY project you can’t wait to try? Let us know in the comments!